Stopped feeling pregnant this pas few days :-(

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BlueP Posts: 238
I have known since 13DPO that I was pregnant and only 5 weeks gone though it feels like a lifetime. I had so many symptoms but none this past week. I have had such a sore throat & chest infection and had to take antibiotics for the first time in years so I feel super guilty now. I don't know if this is the normal run of events or if it is cos I am sick but I don't feel any symtoms or pregnant at the minute to the point I wanted to ask the Doc the other day to retest. I know I am worrying unneccesarily but just wish I had the sypmtoms back again. Is this normal??
Mari yay Posts: 4045
Some people do get times when they feel a lack of symptoms. Maybe do another test just to ease your mind.
tinyfeet Posts: 3482
Hi blueP, symptoms can come & go & I know it's worrying because having symptoms are very reassuring that everything is ok. It is perfectly normal though for them to come & go. For me I had nothing at all on either pregnancies until I hit the 6 week mark. Then at around 12 weeks they kind of disappeared again. Try not to worry :wv
BlueP Posts: 238
Thanks ladies, I am sure I am just being super sensitive at the minute and all will be grand, the tablets and chest infection probably have me off colour more than I realise. Boobs are still massive so can't complain too much :-)