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Septbride Posts: 380
girls you know the way people say forget about it for a while and it will happen and i would always say how the hell can i forget about it blah blah :? well i think it is finally happened i have booked a few little mini breaks for us over the year (dh didn't want to go on a 'proper' holiday) and all i am concentrating on is the shops the sites etc. I am going for 5 days to spain in sept and i am soooo excited about it much do you bet it will happen just before that and i won't be able to go!!! (not that i'd complain if it did happen)!! Anyway I just can't believe I am not obsessed with it did anybody else finally stop worrying and then it just happened!!! :)
Mrs Peg Posts: 1778
Good for you SeptBride! Great attitude. I've heard a lot of the girls say that alright - they just stop focusing on it and before they know it they're preggers! Enjoy all your preparations and breaks - sounds like it's just what u need!