Stopping progesterone at 13 weeks?

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Ljp Posts: 161
Hi, just wondering if anyone has been on progesterone support until 12-13 weeks and then stopped and how it went. Im on prog cos of 2 early mcs, cyclogest 2 a day at start but 1 a day since about 6 weeks as levels looked good. Consultant yest say stop completely and get bloods done in 1-2 weeks. Now im scared, i know the placenta takes over but everthing has been going so well i'm scared to change anything. Will i get spotting? Anyone else have thus. Thanks girls guess im just looking for reassurance...
libramoon Posts: 2402
I was told to stop at 13 weeks and get bloods done the following week but i had to go back on it again as levels had fallen in that week. I was on it up to 36 weeks of pregnancy. I didn't get spotting and altho the levels dropped everything was fine. I'd trust your consultant anyways pet. It's good that they asked you to get bloods done in 1 - 2 weeks as a lot will just ask you to stop at 12 weeks without ever getting bloods checked again.
Lizzie02 Posts: 2624
[b:3b4lowur]Ljp[/b:3b4lowur], I too was put on 2 cyclogest a day and told to stop at 12 weeks. I was petrified! But, needn't have been as all was great. There was another thread on this also very recently if you want to do a search. As you can see by my ticker, my placenta took over and all was (and is) fine with no spotting. HTH & Good Luck :o)ll
Lizzie02 Posts: 2624
This is the other thread: HTH
Ljp Posts: 161
Thanks for that girls, didn't see that post from before as i was away last week. Feeling ok about it now, and at least i'm getting my blood done in docs soon and she lets me have a listen to my baby on the doppler:-) :heartbeat: