strange feeling, bit worried

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alton Posts: 3077
I've been getting this weird sensation - it feels as if my uterus just gets kinda hard and tight. There is no pain, it just feels a little tense. I've had it on and off for weeks but today it's happened quite a bit. Should I be worried? I'm only 20 weeks which is way too soon for it to be a Braxton-Hicks contraction. Anyone else have anything like this?
the moms Posts: 1427
Hi alton, that sounds like Braxton Hicks alright. I've been getting them the whole way through. I think I noticed it first around 20 weeks or so too. It's nothing to worry about but probably best to discuss it with your doc anyway.
rushinbride Posts: 1097
hey as toaster says sounds like braxton hicks...with my first pregnancy I remember going to the dr at about 13 or 14 wks - with those same pains...dr told me it was braxton hicks - i didn't believe him because technically shouldn't have felt them for wks after that...but he said it can happen...this time around i got my first one last wkend and a second one on thursday...much more intense this time tho... If your really worried go see your gp...he/she will put your mind at ease :wv
honeybee Posts: 624
Hey Alton does sound like BHs i got them early on and my doctor advised trying to drink more water which worked for me but you can get them at any time.
alton Posts: 3077
Thanks for replies. Got myself into a bit of a tizzy last night after reading in The Irish Pregnancy Book that BHs occur after 35 weeks and no mention of anything like that before. Drank loads of water all day and haven't had one since so I'm going to try and keep that up. I think I was probably a bit dehyrated yesterday. Seeing the doctor later this week, so I'll mention it then. Thanks again
sinion Posts: 6050
i've been getting them since about your stage too so I wouldn't worry, they are wrecking my head now when they come, they literally stop me in my tracks! When they come now you could quite easily break a plank of wood across my belly, it goes so hard!
bride22 Posts: 359
Have had these from around the same stage also. Bit uncomfortable but not sore. GP has agreed with me that thats what they are so dont worry.