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irish bride Posts: 558
Hi guys, Crazy question for you, but am 6 weeks pg and am getting the strangest sensation in my lower back for the last couple of weeks and am just wondering if it is normal. It is like my back starts vibrating (!!) and each time it happens I get a fright and nearly jump off my chair - the first couple of times I was convinced it was the chair!! This happens to me about 3 times a day now. Is this normal?! thanks!
tasket Posts: 306
Hi irishbride, I'm not much use to you as I didn't get that particular sensation, but wanted to assure you that I felt all sorts of mysterious twinges and aches the first few months - I think it's just our bodies stretching and growing to accommodate the baby! I would definitely ask your dr if it continues.
over the moon Posts: 676
Hi Irish Bride, I agreee with Tasket, you do feel all sorts of different senstions and thats because your body is adjusting to pregnancy and your uterus is stretching. I wouldn't spend too much time worrying about it, although if you want piece of mind contact your doctor. Best of luck with your pregnancy. Over the moon [url=][img:50ct9ohy][/img:50ct9ohy][/url:50ct9ohy]