strapless maternity bras

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babywestie Posts: 50
hey girls I have a wedding coming up and bought this dress for it. I feel you would need a strapless bra with it as when I tried it on with a normal black bra it just cheapened it. Anyone know where I can purchase a strapless maternity bra? Thanks
breeze Posts: 1175
have you had a look at the ones with the seethrough straps. That might be a better option. You would be pulling up your bra for the day and might be very umcomfortable. I think debehams do them.
YoMammaSo Posts: 3256
that dress is gorgeous :lvs ! its realy is not like the other dowdy maternity dresses out there, how far gone are you ? Would you not wear a normal strapless bra ?
babywestie Posts: 50
thanks for the replies. Good idea about the seethrough straps - didn't even think about it!!! Am 24 weeks gone now but my boobs have really expanded so definately not fitting into my old strapless bras!! Will look for one with see through straps! Thanks for the tip!! :thnk