Straw Boys

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Weddings9 Posts: 122
Hi all, Please can you let me know what you think of the Straw Boys? My parents and in-laws are keen to have them but I am not sure. Has anyone seen them at a wedding? Many thanks.
chaos Posts: 1904
i have seen them once before at a wedding in Clare. i didn't know what they were until they came in. Personally I didn't like them, i prefer the irish dancing. but thats just me
bangel Posts: 2285
I have seen them, and I thought they were gas craic. I've never seen Irish dancers, so can't compare them that way. (also not sure if they're the same ones you're talking about)
sweet cheeks Posts: 1119
I could have wrote this too as my parents and in-laws are mad for them. I think they come in all dressed up around 10ish, there of old tradition and drag people out dancing and my mother said they are good luck to the bride and groom. I think they drag the bride and groom out to and make them jump over a broom or something, personally i would be cringing doing this. But there something different the your Irish dancers and will be a bit of craic.
mentalrebel Posts: 1603
was at a wedding last month with them and it was great craic!! the best fun i have had in ages...everyone was trying to figure out who they were...well worth it if you like a bit of craic!!
may09 bride Posts: 142
All i'll say about strawboys is NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! They are horrendous and drive me insane and if you notice your parents and in laws want them not you go with your gut they are horrendous p.s. if you do decide to have them make sure that they are good ones and enjoy
Weddings9 Posts: 122
Thanks everyone. I think they are a bit freaky and I really don't want them so I am sticking to my guns! I don't think they are funny at all either. Thanks again.