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walkingwollie Posts: 3344
Hi Just wondering do other people find it hard to eat foods they're not craving? I could eat strawberries, hummous (with pitta bread/french stick), orange juice and apples all day but have no appetite for anything else. Forcing myself to eat a plain sandwich (chicken or cheese) for lunch but haven't been able to eat dinner all week. Haven't really gained any weight in second trimester and nearly 19 weeks now, but think this is ok as I wasn't skinny to begin with and gained 7lbs in first trimester (when I couldn't eat any fruit or veg, could only tolerate white carbs!). Really averse to most meat at the moment too. Reckon I get enough calories but feel my diet is a lot more restricted than I would like. Any thoughts or anyone in the same boat? Thanks
candyfloss Posts: 704
Hiya, I've been quite similar too in my eating, previously I ate loads of chicken/beef n veg stirfrys and always cooked a proper dinner, but since pregnant I have no desire for meat at all really. I try to eat veg and fruit daily but really my first choice in dinner is always fish!! I never ate that much of it before. I lost 3/4 stone in first trimester and have regained it but havent put on any other weight and am now 29 weeks. I seem to be eating the same things every day for breakfast and lunch. But I'm not worrying too much, just trying to make sure I eat some red meat/green veg to keep iron levels up. Isnt it odd? I think the indigestion may be putting me off too as it sets in about 6pm most days.
Inlove10 Posts: 806
Yeah loads of people go off dinners, especially traditional dinners I did - - Maybe go for salad with meat / fish
mamabelle Posts: 1101
I've always loved stir-fry for dinner but for some reason developed an aversion to the sight of raw fish or meat - even thinking about it makes me queasy. So that's put me off cooking at all... I just hope it hasn't affected baby's development at this stage. Omega 3 and protein etc is so important for brain development. I'm trying to eat more cheese to compensate but it's not the same. I think the tiredness in the evenings just kills any enthusiasm I have for making dinner. Funnily enough any time hubby cooks I manage to eat a fair bit!
Inlove10 Posts: 806
[quote="mamabelle":1d9k4vay]Funnily enough any time hubby cooks I manage to eat a fair bit![/quote:1d9k4vay] There's your answer so - he'll have to cook every day!! I'm so lucky my DH is not great at household chores but does cook every day!! :xxx