Strep B Infection

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volvic35 Posts: 1118
Ladies I was at the hospital yesterday and they told me I've a Strep B Infection which is found in healthy pregnant women. There is nothing I've done to pick this infection up. She told me I've to get antibiotics during labour. Has anyone got more information on this infection. Thanks for your help
pattie2 Posts: 261
I'm a strep B carrier also. I tested negative when I was pg with DD1 and positive when pg with DD2. It's no big deal really. You get IV penicillen from when your waters go or if your waters haven't gone you get them from when you are admitted in labour. You need to get a dose every 4 hours. If you haven't had 2 doses by the time you deliver the baby they will may then decide to give the baby preventative ABs for a day or 2, I don't think they have to stay in the SCBU for this, you just bring them down every few hours. But maybe best to clarify this with your hospital as it seems to vary from place to place.
Babybop. Posts: 592
Hi i had it on my 3 lo, they say you can go into early labour but i havent really heard of many that did, i just went 8 days early and my labour was quick so hadnt got time to get the drip for it so they end up having to keep us in for a few days to make sure my lo hadnt got it but other than that its ok and can be treated during labour.
Tadpole Posts: 346
I had GBS on DD, it was found a few times when I had UTI's. I'm 8wks pregnant again, but haven't had any tests yet, so not sure if I'm carrying again this time. With DD I did go into labour early (4 wks), no-one had mentioned a link with GBS, so I'm not sure if it was as a result, or just a coincidence. I also had a very quick labour (2.5hrs), so didn't have time for the IV drip to take effect, so myself and DD were kept in for 4 nights while she got antibiotics. To be honest, it's more a preventative measure, but they monitored her just to make sure she wasn't showing any signs of infection etc. Given it's been picked up and highlighted, that's half the battle. You don't have anything to worry just means an IV drip during labour, and possibly antibiotics for LO, but at least it's been found and precautions can be taken.
volvic35 Posts: 1118
Thanks girls for the replies, just trying to find a bit of information on it, as I've never heard of it before and I didnt' want to google it, as you all know googling can make you worry more. Its crazy how you both went early, wonder is it linked???
pattie2 Posts: 261
I went a week over. I never heard about the link. Maybe if you have an active infection rather than just being a carrier?
charliesangel Posts: 2106
i also had it and my waters went at week 32 and i was kept in till weeek 36 when they induced me but to be honest i think i would of been induced at week 37 anyway as baby had iugr my dd had the drip when she was born for 2 days
fanta Posts: 54
Just wondering how this test is carried out? I'm 37 weeks and this is the the first I've heard of it, no mention at all at the clinic in olol :-8 .
charliesangel Posts: 2106
its by an internal fanta but i dont think they do it unless you have some kind of complaint in your pregenancy