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honeybee Posts: 624
Hi All I know I have brought this on myself but I mistakenly got a alittle confused(didnt have much help really anyway in the first place) I pretty much sent two incorrect invites, aswell as the right ones to two family members. first mistake: snt the invite grannys address under maiden name but also for the same girl sent one to her correct home address with her husbands names on it(thought they were two different people to be honest just with the same name). Second mistake again thought for example there were two Jonathan's from different families but turned out there was only one cousin named Jonathan, I was scoulded on it today. How do you other brides out there deal with staying calm with H2B's family. They would not give me home telephone numbers for these people so I cannot call them, so what do I do if they do not RSVP me. I feel like I am babbling here but there is 2mths to go and to be honest I don't really know what is going on.
Picasso Posts: 645
My suggestion would be to make it clear to h2b that when it comes to his family, he needs to have major input to make sure that things like this don't happen. You are not a mind reader for crying out loud O:|
honeybee Posts: 624
Thanks Picassio I feel like I just want to elope at times. We went for a dress fitting and SIL2B(also a bmaid) asked if MIL2B could come and see the dresses, now I didnt mind at all. Actually wanted some way to try and include her, the dress fitting took 1 and 1/2hrs(including going to dressmaker for alterations), anyways she kept going on and on about how my veil was a different color to the dress and it didnt match and I shouldnt wear it, and it hides all the detail. My chief bridesmaid and Mam were like WTF. The veil is so sheer it takes on the color of the dress. Im so glad we are living abroad because I am a stressbomb as it is so really couldnt live with this for the next two months. Anyways sorry for raving on.
Picasso Posts: 645
You fire ahead honeybee..if you can't rant on here, then it's a sad day :o0 All inlaws are the same IMO, just ignore them cause some people are always going to find fault. My FMIL is the same and I tried to involve her in some arrangements until I discovered she was as awkward as a bag of hammers when she felt like it and I was the one that ended up being upset and frustrated :o( If you are happy with your veil then just say that to them...and look them straight in the eye with a look that says 'I'm the bride, I dare you to argue with me' >:o) It's worth a try! As for the invites, blame their darling's his family remember!
honeybee Posts: 624
Picasso you made me laugh, thank you for cheering me up, yeah families eh what can you do with them. thank you so much.
augbh Posts: 169
I'm never a one to shy away from responsibility, but on a thing like this...I'd run a mile. Say you gave a list of people and addresses to the stationery people and they messed up! Then ask MIL2B for phone numbers for these people and phone to "apologise". Then you can ask if they plan on coming. >:o) Then kick H2B ass into gear and make him do things for the wedding that directly involve his family!
Elliecat Posts: 2725
I would take absolutely no responsibility for this - next time the in-laws (or your h2b) say anything about any of it, tell them its their family and you couldn't care less if they come or not. If they don't want to give you a number, which is very odd in my opinion, what can you do - they're the ones being difficult, not you. Ignore,ignore,ignore!!!
honeybee Posts: 624
Hi Girls Thank you so much for all your replies, I have been apologising all morning to people, ironic how telephone numbers just fly out of the air when someone is expected to apologised received to mobile numbers and two house numbers this morning off the same people(MIL2B) who said 'I wont have any of their numbers'. At the start I found one of her sisters by calling 2people in the same area as the sister with the same name via 11850. Anyways at least I am now starting to sort this little mess out, by pleading dumb and lots of apologising, I am staying way clear of the monster in law thou. Thank you girls I dont feel so alone now. :wv