stress, nerves and lost deposits

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panda_bear Posts: 342
well we're at a few weeks to go, I haven't been on here for ages! I've been having all of the usual (I hope!) stresses of family politics, weight worries, nerves over first dance, too many jobs and not enough arms to do them all. my friend (dote that she is) suggested we make a list of what needs to be done, which ran to 9 pages! 9! absolute madness. one of the jobs she wrote down was to confirm bookings with all of the vendors, just to alleviate worry. man, am I glad that she put this on the list. I have lost a deposit on my cake, and have to try to find another vendor who will come up trumps at such short notice. It's 50% my fault and 50% their fault I think.. I toyed with the idea of cancelling in June and e-mailed them with questions, but I wasn't clear that I wasn't cancelling. They weren't clear either in fairness, but how and ever, it's cancelled, deposit lost. I called to confirm and they told me it had been "taken out of the book" in June. I was shocked, and told them to put it back in, and the girl on the phone was very rude, so I told them to forget it. I actually saw negative reviews of the cake shop on here last year, which were answered by the shop, and didn't seem too friendly, so I should have never booked with them. I just feel so annoyed that they will have me forfeit my deposit, and be so rude to me, when there are 5 weeks to go to my wedding and the whole thing was a misunderstanding. I am lucky enough to be getting married in killashee house, and the girls there have been brilliant in helping me with phone numbers etc. So it will be OK, but I've learned a lesson and thought I'd share it with other brides to be.
sugark Posts: 55
Oh very best of luck! I'm a Killashee Bride too, and very excited about it. Hope your cake order is the only thing that goes wrong and everything else goes without a hitch. Do let us know how it all goes, am very excited for you.
kookiegal Posts: 1150
Panda Bear you'll be grand. I remember my sister's wedding and a full refill pad of jobs with 3 weeks to go but it's amazing how fast you get through it when you get going. A lot of the last bits and bobs can be done rapidly and get a good bit done over literally a few days. Enjoy your day and the run up and DELEGATE!!!! Enjoy :thnk
ozypozy Posts: 2950
Definitely delegate! I had a meltdown the week before the wedding over "lists" and everyone was more than happy to help!
MeSB Posts: 3785
Asics Posts: 1935
Thats terrible how rude they were to you & that they are keeping your deposit O:| Did you get sorted with your cake? I don't know where you live but I can vouch for The Cake Fairy I tried there cakes at a wedding fair & they are yummy kept coming back for more :hic she has a shop in Durrow