Stressed causing cold sores

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JayM Posts: 27
Im in a major dilemma. Im getting married abroad in 3 months time. I have just finished all the paperwork needed (which was quite stressful) and now my top lip is completely covered in nasty cold sores. :o( :o( Im lashing on Zovirax all the time. The sun also brings out cold sores - so i dont know what im gonna do closer to the time. Aaaaaahhhhhh :o(
summersurprise Posts: 1276
get the liquid Zovirax, it will totally clear them up and you shouldnt get one for at least a yr after taking a dose of it. HTH.
evalena Posts: 1130
There was a girl in our work who got a cold sore the week of her wedding and it just got worse and worse ... as far as I know she had to go to hospital or get a referral to a clinic to get it frozen off. Whatever she did it worked anyway! She's left now so I can't ask her the exact details for you...I think if you look after yourself in the months running up to wedding and take lots of vitamin c you will help keep them at bay.
Mrs Rocket Posts: 1824
O god, I totally understand This happens me too,I got one last sat week and its not gone yet O:| Plenty of vitamins,try your local health shop thats where Im going in the morning to stock up on vitamins
JayM Posts: 27
yeah, I think i really need to get vitamins into me & zovirax medicine. If i get nervous, excited or stressed - i get a cold sore so hopefully the vitamins will work :o)ll :wv
SparkleX Posts: 1057
[quote="miss.sparkle":2sqgciy5]get the liquid Zovirax, it will totally clear them up and you shouldnt get one for at least a yr after taking a dose of it. HTH.[/quote:2sqgciy5] I haven't heard of this before. I take it you need a prescription for this?? Sounds like a miracle! I'm always getting cold sores and already freaking out of the possibility of getting one for the wedding....
soontowed Posts: 15
Hi JayM, try Lysine for your cold sore, it's a herbal remedy and one to prevent future outbreaks. You can pick it up in most chemists that stock herbal remedies. I find it really good. Some chemists at home are also making their own cold sore 'kits' so always worth your while having a chat with local pharmacist. Hope this is of some help :wv
happycontent2016 Posts: 464
i find the Compeed cold sore patches fab, i dont use cream anymore, i checked wiht chemist and they contain the same ingredients as cream and then help hide it at same time. totally agree about the Lysine tablets, get them in your health shop, they are good for healing around the mouth, so take one everyday to prevent them and if get one then i take two a day. i was always prone to them and now might get one a year (prob be the week of my wedding knowing my luck) but will have the patches on stand by so can cover over them wiht make up as well.
deda Posts: 1220
What's liquid zovarik or how do you take it? Never heard of it? Lusine tablets are supposed to be good for colesores
poppet56 Posts: 977
me too - i actually get them in my nose : ( really awful - would be interested in any remedies!