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missc Posts: 875
What do you girls think is the best thing to use to prevent stretch marks? Im 21wks now and bump is really starting to grow. I have been using the Palmers cocoa stretch mark cream but not very regularly im afraid. Is Bio Oil really the best? Thanks
andypandy28 Posts: 553
If your going to get stretch marks then no cream in the world will prevent them. I used everything and spent a fortune. There is nothing you can do about them, its just your skin type and no cream will stop you from getting them, but they do fade, they never go away, just think of them as pregnancy stripes.
LilyBlue Posts: 279
I used coca butter when pg on our son and it didn't work. My sister swears by baby oil and rubbed it in every single night and she hasn't one stretch mark. I tried it but I hate the feel of it on my hands. I am using grape seed oil this time round so fingers crossed! Give the baby oil a go and see how you find it!
newyearbabs Posts: 686
I used bio oil at the start but as bump expanded my skin was very dry so I switched to palmer coca butter cream I hate the smell of it. I have one strech mark so far I think if your going to get them you will get them anyway but no harm in trying to keep them at bay!
oirish Posts: 1541
I think the key is to keep the skin really well moisturised - im alternating between Clarins L'euile Tonic Oil, Bio Oil and L'Occitane Grape Beauty Milk - starting early but expanding already :)
MissieGold Posts: 1124
[quote:37slcyta]I used bio oil at the start but as bump expanded my skin was very dry so I switched to palmer coca butter cream[/quote:37slcyta] Same here. I have a couple of small ones but as I got some during puberty I expect to get plenty of them in the coming months. :o(
Sassy Posts: 2269
I've gotten a few very low down and hope to not get anymore. I am religously using bio-oil everynight now and hoping for the best.
buzybumble Posts: 831
I started off with the bio oil but its expensive so I moved onto using Dove for very dry skin in the mornings and at night I plaster my bump in Emulsifying ointment before going to bed (wear an old t-shirt). The ointment is sticky but my skin has never been so soft. I also put a layer of it on before getting into the shower and then rinse it off. Its used on people and babies with skin problems and you get a big tub of it for approx €7. I also plan on using it for washing my baby with as there's nothing in it to effect there skin.
sally Posts: 1140
I have been using the palmers at night and Clarins Body Treatment oil every morning..... have not one stretch mark so reckon something is doing the trick. The Clarins is 43 euro a bottle and lasts about 6 weeks which I think is quite expensive but think of all the money you are now saving on alcohol, thats how I justified the expense, my friend also used the Clarins and has no stretch marks and was huge towards the end, she got me my first bottle and I was hooked. Would highly recommend the two of them, use both cause Clarins twice a day would be too expensive. On the channel 4 programme How To Look Good Naked they tested 4 creams, two of which were the Plamers and the Bio-oil, the palmers came out ahead.
sally Posts: 1140
BTW have gotten stretch marks in the past from putting on and losing weight so am definately prone to them and my sis got them so I do think the creams work, the ones I have on my thighs have actually almost disappeared now with the creams. I also think good diet especially oily fish twice a week helps your skin. HTH