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DollyMomma Posts: 1231
Yeah it makes absolutely no difference I'm afraid, you either get them or you don't. It all depends on your skin type (and apparently if your mother got them it's a good indication if you will or will not get them). I'm using Bio Oil anyway as I love how supple and soft it makes my skin.
samcro Posts: 738
I know they say that nothing works, that if your prone to getting them then you will but I can feel my skin stretching already and I'm using the Mamo Mio Tummy Rub and I love it. Its the cream and it soaks in straight away with no greasy feel afterwards. I using this on my stomach and boob area and use Vaseline Sheer Infusion everywhere else. I hate putting creams on but my skin does feel so much better after - kinda like washing your face and not putting any cream on, that type of feeling iykwim :o0 Mamo Mio products have been getting rave reviews and I will buy the Mamo Mio oil next - it's supposed to look like oil but soak in straight away..
ructions Posts: 2689
I'm using both at the moment! A dermatologist told me it's mainly down to two things - how supple your skin is (and your diet and hydration relate to this) and also how the bump and weight grow. If it grows suddenly or takes a huge spurt you're more likely to get stretchmarks than if the weight and bump grow gradually over time. Who knows, I smell nice after a shower anyway!
Mitten31 Posts: 150
I have been using Bio Oil since the start and lo and behold at the start of this week (week 37) after a growth spurt up appeared a couple of stretch marks around my belly button O:| O:|
mamam Posts: 724
I used bio oil on DS and have been using bio oil twice daily on this lo also
MINI DONKEY Posts: 2499
Used bio oil on DS-no stretch marks...and my mum does have them! Make sure you also put it on your boobs and tops/sides of thighs which will also stretch!
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Wild Child Posts: 1694
I spent a fortune when I was pregnant on creams I had Palmers, Bio Oil, Baby oil, and mama mio body butter and oil and I never got a stretch mark right up until I was 37weeks pregnant and then bam I woke up one morning and I was covered in them I also had gotten huge over night!!! I really dont think it matters what you use if your skin is prone to stretch marks you will get them no matter what! but I do think the cream helps I'd say I would have been a lot worse if I hadnt been using anything and it does make you feel better at least you feel like you tried! The mama mio oil smells lovely the butter is not so nice HTH
ameliaharry654 Posts: 6
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