Stretch Marks

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Fur Posts: 131
Ladies, When do stretch marks usually appear? I have so far escaped but know they are just waiting to attack :-8 xx
Rocket Queen Posts: 7381
I got a few small ones AFTER DD was born :o( They're practically gone now :o)ll
Fur Posts: 131
oh didnt know you could get them after also,thought when got that far would be in the clear O:o) xx
Me Julia Posts: 1352
hate to tell you this, but i worked for a company that supplied pregnancy products so i was using oil and cream religously and really thought i had escaped the dreaded stretch marks as i had got to 9 months with only one little one.................however since giving birth and stomach gradually shrinking back..............OH MY GOD..........there are quite a lot, and i am still using the oil. Cant believe it, really thought i had done well.
NewGirl Posts: 1143
Thought I had gotten one at around 39 weeks only to realise it was a mark from my trackie bottoms being too tight :o0 :o0 Thought I'd gotten away but about 2-3 weeks after DS was born noticed quite a few very low down :o( :o( I did a poll about 5 mth ago will dig it up for you
dovedro Posts: 1295
I also got none during pregnancy but when my tummy went down I noticed one small one low down
jarashow Posts: 3083
God I have loads to start with on my hips from when I lost a lot of weight, a few more aren't going to make much difference!!
lovebug997 Posts: 4034
[quote="jarashow":2rjyax23]God I have loads to start with on my hips from when I lost a lot of weight! [/quote:2rjyax23] I'm the same jarashow! Am just about 14weeks but I'm noticing a few extra ones on my thighs and my boobs look like a road map now! Have been using bio oil but it's not makking any difference at all! Have been using it on an old scar that I have as well though and I do think that it's getting paler! Possibly just my imagination though!
babybrain Posts: 592
bride-tob - oils/creams etc can help to fade stretch it's prob not your imagination however..the bad news.. no creams/oils/potions can prevent stretch marks. You're either going to get them or you're not. It's down to genetics, skin elasticity etc. Even if you put a bottle of bio-oil on the bump every day, it won't prevent them. The skin tears a few layers down whereas creams etc only mosturize the top layer. the good news.. there are creams that can fade them. Strivectin-D (i think is the name) is fantastic, expensive but worth it. I got this as a present and it's faded the stretch marks on my thighs right down. There are plenty of others too that are good [/quote]
satsuma Posts: 182
aaaggghhh! am 39 weeks and have none so thought I had escaped! Better stop being quietly smug!!! :-8