Stretch Marks

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MiniMeonBoard Posts: 6208
Hi Ladies, Just wondering what you are using for your stretch marks. I dont have any yet but would rather start using something before I do.. :wv
Sassypants Posts: 4461
I'm gonna be blunt here...nothing really works. It's luck/genetics. I used the Palmers range and they were lovely and smelled nice, also used Bio Oil twice a day. Got loads of stretch marks in the last few weeks (gutted is an understatement). We're all earning our "tiger stripes" :o0
Cats1 Posts: 215
like sassypants say i think most of it has to do with genetics... my mum never got a single stretch mark (six kids) and says she only moisturised every now and then..!!! I bought a big tub of cheapy aquaeous cream from the chemist and use that most days, also I got a cheapy stretchmark oil (not bio oil) and use that a couple of times a week... I'm at 36 weeks now and not a stretch mark yet (fingers crossed it stays that way)...
zeus Posts: 553
Not sure if it worked or not but I used bio oil every day on bump & boobs and had to stretch alot as was quiet big and not one thankfully :o)ll Not sure if it works or not but ill be doing the same again this time!
Mrs W Posts: 2923
I'm 39 weeks now and I haven't any yet, I was using bio oil maybe 2 or 3 times a week but half the time I forget! I've been having baths with lovely moisturising stuff in them though. There's a boots botanics bath foam thing in a tub with honey and something and it's lovely! I think some people just get them and some don't unfortunately. My bump doesn't feel too stretched yet though (I've probably jinxed myself now and will get loads!)
Dollydo Posts: 759
I agree with sassypants, if your gonna get them you'll get them regardless of what you use. I used EVERYTHING, cocoa butter, bio oil, baby oil, tropicana body butter.... You name it I slathered it on in buckloads, dh in his attempt to cheer me up on bad stetch Mark days, said I was like a superhero with my 'belly of fire' that'll tell you how bad they were. They've faded now to silvery wobbly lines but I dread what I'll end up like after this one. Of course though like everyone, I'll use everything again and am already in the hope of minimising it all
Lizzie02 Posts: 2624
Agree with [b:l98ti6fc]Sassypants[/b:l98ti6fc]. I have loads of stretch marks from puberty and slathered my bump in Bio Oil twice a day. Now, I still got them but not as bad as I thought they would be. I also followed a good diet and drank plenty of water.
Mari yay Posts: 4045
[quote="Sassypants":qped9glk]I'm gonna be blunt here...nothing really works. It's luck/genetics. [/quote:qped9glk] +1 there's no getting around them
zig and zag Posts: 298
[quote="Mari yay":jys3a2yc][quote="Sassypants":jys3a2yc]I'm gonna be blunt here...nothing really works. It's luck/genetics. [/quote:jys3a2yc] +1 there's no getting around them[/quote:jys3a2yc] +1 true!
Anne Cordelia Shirley Posts: 4731
I also think its luck. I never got one, even though I have them on my thighs. My mum also never got any. I used biooil from the time I found out I was pregnant because my skin is very dry anyway, but I don't think it would have been preventative.