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Goldielocked Posts: 190
We're hoping to have a string quartet play at our ceremony and have gotten quotes ranging from €800 to €600. We are trying to cut costs at every corner and are doing a great job so far. What I'm wondering is, if anyone knows of a string group who are in music school or not too well known who could do us a special rate? We have most of out hymns and songs picked already. Also, do you think I'm crazy for cutting corners on this particular part?? I'm pretty nervous as it would change the whole atmosphere of the ceremony if it were to go wrong. Any advice would be welcome x
MrsAtobe Posts: 1158
That's not a bad price for a string quartet, I've been quoted €600-€800 for two musicians and a trio, never mind a quartet! It also depends on how far they've to travel. I tried the music school route and got nowhere, but then I'm very picky (stupidly so) and cross people off the list if I don't like their website, their look, etc, knocked a lot of them off with my "rules" :-8
Italian Job Posts: 225
Just a suggestion but could you go for a string trio for a cheaper price? Sorry I have no experience with prices in Ireland but maybe you could get the same sound or atmosphere you're looking for with fewer musicians. I'm getting married abroad and having a harp and violin. It's cheaper than a quartet but sounds great.
sooperdooper Posts: 60
Where are you based? Booked a trio in Cork for 330 and the quartet was 390. They were beautiful couldnt reccommend them enough.
MrsAtobe Posts: 1158
mrs2012 could you pm me their info please.
midlandsb2b Posts: 42
Hi Guys! I'm being quoted 950 on average and that is for the church + reception. Just the church is around 700. Mrs2012 could you please PM me the details too? That price seems too good to be true :) Thanks!
MrsCoC2be Posts: 55
Hi Guys! I dont know where ye are all based but ive just booked the Dublin string quartet for my wedding next year.I was quoted e570 for the quartet to play the cermony or e950 for ceremony and recpetion.I have booked there trio package which i got got e440 or they can play church and recpetion for e725. We booked them after we saw them play at a friends wedding a few weeks ago,would definatley recommend them they were brill!
amthee Posts: 688
I booked Dublin String Quartet as a trio but paid 480 - I was quoted it the end of last year. I just couldn't justify spending more for a fourth person.
PrettyinPeach Posts: 62
I booked Bohemian Strings for our wedding and they cost 850 for both the church and the reception, but they were AMAZING and definitely worth it. They play a mix of classic and contemporary stuff and when they played Elbow One Day Like This and Florence and the Machine You Got the Love everyone was bopping. They also accompanied my friend who sang All You Need is Love, which was also brilliant!
rebelbride2013 Posts: 9
Mrs2012, would you mind sending on the details of who you booked to me too? That is much more along the lines of the budget than what I've been getting quoted! :eek