Struggling to eat!

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Bubba Bump Posts: 348
I'm really struggling to eat. I have awful nausea, haven't really gotten sick yet but I have constant nausea, day and night. I have no desire to eat despite being starving, there is just nothing that I can face eating. I'm living on Orange Juice. Anyone any advice?
Port Princess Posts: 1154
Hi Hun, I got loadsa tips off everyone to different things to try but nothing worked for me ended up in hospital 6 times hooked up to a drip! I lived on orange juice aswell in fact I'm drinking at least a litre a day still. I'm actually sitting here with a glass of it now :o0 U can buy travel sickness bands sometimes they work, ginger, crackers or dry toast. Take it from one who knows it does pass mine did when I was around 16wks and its all a distant memory now :xxx Reading back on my post I've probably made you feel worse sorry hun :xxx
Bubba Bump Posts: 348
Oh God, poor you Port Princess. That sounds awful. I might have a look for those travel sickness bands cos the ginger, dry toast, crackers just aren't working. Is it normal to go off food like this? Thanks for replying.
Port Princess Posts: 1154
Totally normal hun even the smell of food use to make me vomit :-8
jiggy_jo Posts: 1166
bubba bump, i was the same. i lost a stone between weeks 6 and 12, have stopped loosing now but not gaining any. I just couldnt eat and when i did it came back up! i was assured that babs is so small that it is getting all it needs from you so no worries on that front! none of the remidies worked for me, i just ate a little of what i fancied (for 3 weeks it was easi singles on toast!). so my advice is really just eat when you can, whatever you feel like. if its orange juice, buy the one with the added vitamins and calcium! good luck!
Bubba Bump Posts: 348
Thanks for replying. Another problem is I'm piling on the weight and I just don't get it! I'm not eating but I'm putting on weight O:| O:|
Blackbird Posts: 5135
Bubba, I have pretty bad nausea but not vomitting thank god. I never really feel hungry and the thoughts of eating nearly kills me but most of the time I feel better when I do eat something small. It's all carbs that I'm craving though - bread and potatoes. I just can't face certain foods at all, including meat. I would echo the advice already given and say eat what you can when you can and don't worry if you're constantly eating the same thing. Don't worry about the weight. Anything goes in the first trimester, losing weight is normal but so is putting it on! Try eating something before you get out of bed at all, even if it's just a bite of a cracker. I find if I let my stomach get empty it's worse so I eat tiny bits throughout the day, a plain biscuit seems to be ok at the moment. But everyone is different. I hope you find a way to cope with it.
Bubba Bump Posts: 348
:o)ll :o)ll Ok, I got those travel sickness bands, seem to be working. Please God they will keep working now :-8 :thnk Thanks for replying everyone
honeybee Posts: 624
Hi BBaby, I have no real nausea but had no appetite at all for the last few weeks(8wks pregnant now), make sure you are well hydrated and drink fruit juices fortified with vitamins & minerals, this should pass in the couple of weeks. I was pretty much force feeding myself.
honey 2 Posts: 244
Hi Sickness hit me also between week 6 and 7. Couldn't stomach anything and was put on drip in hospital for 4 nights. This seems to have sorted me out as haven't been sick since. Make sure tio keep hydrated anyway as you won't be able to eat at all then! I found that a plain slice of ham worked for me as this was all i could look at when the hospital trolley came around! Like yourself and many others, I'm on the orange juice also, very thirsty!! When i did feel like eating - i really wanted chips!! Better than nothing i suppose Hope all gets better for you!!