Stuck between 2 names... which do you prefer?

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Tester777 Posts: 3
I've having problems deciding between these two names and I'd just like to get people's take on these names. Which name do you prefer and why? I'm just really stuck, and would be most grateful if I could get people's honest opinions on the above-mentioned names. All help would be much appreciated!!
randomusername Posts: 2134
Oh, weird, they're my two names :o0 DH vetoed Oisin >:o( so if we have a boy it'll be Joshua I think, so I voted for that one :lvs Great taste in names btw :lvs
fifibelle Posts: 4447
I voted Oisin because thats the name we are choosing! :o)ll
atlantis star Posts: 31
i absolutely love and adore the name Oisin so personally I would go with that one. I'm not digging Josh or Joshua to be honest i'm just not into it but thats only my opinion. i think you should wait till little baby comes and if it is a wee boy you will know just by looking at him whether he is an Oisin :) or a Josh/Joshua. good luck :)
Tester777 Posts: 3
Thanks to all who have voted! Please do keep them coming!!! I really need help out of this predicament!! [quote="Watermelonbelly":gkhux0zo]Oh, weird, they're my two names :o0 DH vetoed Oisin >:o( so if we have a boy it'll be Joshua I think, so I voted for that one :lvs Great taste in names btw :lvs[/quote:gkhux0zo] That's uncanny! Out of curiosity Watermelonbelly, on why did your DH veto Oisin? Also Fifibelle, any particular reason why you chose Oisin as a name for your little one? Is it a name you & DH just liked? Or is it a family name? Atlantis Star: thanks for that. TBH my difficulty with my situation is emphasized by the fact that our little one arrived, and I just can't decide whether he's a Joshua or Oisin. :-8 My Dh loves the name Oisin, but I'm just not sure if I do or don't like it!! :duh: I'm putting this down to the fact that I grew up abroad, and never heard of the name before coming to Ireland. Girls, your opinions & advice on the matter is much appreciated!! Please do keep them coming!!! :thnk Oh, I never thought choosing a name would be so difficult!!! ARGH!! O:|
tipperarygal Posts: 482
I picked Josh as I find Oisin is so popular at the moment and if it was me I wouldn't want him being one of 6 Oisins in his class.
randomusername Posts: 2134
He veteod Oisin for 2 reasons, 1 his parents pronounce it Ocean and we worked with a guy from D4 who had the most ridiculous accent and his name was Oisin. DH kept thinking of him anytime I mentioned the name :o0 I think its a beautiful name :lvs
fifibelle Posts: 4447
Watermellon - that is hilarious about the D4 guy!!! My DH would defo. discount the name if he had an encounter like that! :o0 Blue Peter - I picked Oisin just because I think it is a fab name! My DH was unsure about it but then he wrote me a mother's day card saying "from DH and Oisin" so I guess I won him round!!! :o)ll
Bakeswife Posts: 1098
I love Joshua - i have 2 nephews called joshua and isaac or zac for short...oisin is very common around the area i'm from and in recent times i've heard a lot fo people calling their boys oisin...laughing at the D4 guy thing :o)ll
babychino Posts: 634
I voted for Oisin. Love the name but now all I can think of is Ross O Carroll Kelly :o0