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notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Hi girls trying to get a list together of all the stuff we need. Im going to start buying bits and pieces now. Can you give me advice on what i need, brands, types, etc. I plan on breastfeeding and expressing, so will need the equipment for it, if that doesnt work out what extra do i need for bottle feeding? Pram/car seat (Im getting the Silver Cross 3D) Moses basket + stand Cot (i have) need mattress Breast pump - Medela mini electric Steriliser - microwave or electric? Avent or own brand like Mothercare? Bottles - Dr Brown, what sizes do i need? Monitor - Angelcare, sensor mats Changing station - i have with bath Im not to worried about nappies, clothes, wipes, etc mainly the big basic stuff. Thanks.
pattie Posts: 2379
Pram/car seat (Im getting the Silver Cross 3D) [i:1q6sb0cr]Check there is a base for the car seat, they're supposed to be really handy[/i:1q6sb0cr] Moses basket + stand- [i:1q6sb0cr]Argos have a M&P one for €100, they are a wee bit cheaper in Mothercare, don't like the stands as I'm afraid I'd knock it over![/i:1q6sb0cr] Cot (i have) need mattress- [i:1q6sb0cr]Mothercare or M&P? They say to get a good one with springs.[/i:1q6sb0cr] Bottles - Dr Brown, what sizes do i need? [i:1q6sb0cr]I wouldn't get too many bottles to start with, you get a few free with the steriliser and the pump, they'd do for BF'g and you can get more after if you bottle-feed.[/i:1q6sb0cr] Monitor - Angelcare, sensor mats-[i:1q6sb0cr] I got the Tommee Tippee, it has a room temp monitor and nightlight too, 2 less things to buy![/i:1q6sb0cr] Changing station - i have with bath As regards other stuff, maybe some grobags, they're quite dear but supposed to be so handy. A breastfeeding pillow, I hear they're a great help starting off and I use it already at night to get comfy (Smyths). Sheets for the moses basket and cot. A bottle brush. A couple of newborn soothers. Those little hooded towels (they have lovely ones in Mothercare). A mirror for the car so you can see the baby in the back seat. A changing bag. Can't think of anything else.
may2008 Posts: 455
i would get an avent steriliser - they're great. also get the 8oz doctor brown bottles rather than 4oz ones as the 4oz don't last too long when baby starts drinking more. don't forget to stock up on sheets for the moses basket and cot.
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Thanks a mill girls, looks like im not forgetting anything big then. God the expense of it all, i may have loads of kids to get the use out of it. :o0