stupid bloody FAI

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brian mcgee Posts: 21
right i know that most people on this site are women and some might not give a toss about soccer but the FAI are idiots. i recently spent 320 euros on 4 tickets to see brazil and i also got 4 tickets to see thr serbia game in may. it was an all in package take it or leave it. so being a fan i took them and also cos i want to get tickets for when lansdowne is redeveloped. ( i am on a waiting list but hopefully close to the front so that when the attendance goes up i will get tickets to all games not just friendlies) anywho what after i got the tickets which has me with the gods in the canal end on the top tier what do they do then?????? THEY GO AND SELL TICKETS TO THE PUBLIC FOR THE LOWER HOGAN AND CUSACK!!!!!!! EH LIKE HELLO I PAID IN ADVANCE FOR THESE GAMES SHOULD I NOT GET TICKETS TO THESE STANDS BEFORE I GET SHAFTED TO THE HEAVENS O:| O:| O:| O:| O:| i feel alot better now. i can see why people let of steam in her.
TokenMale Posts: 6845
God that sucks balls. I think the FAI are hard-wired to shaft the real fans, though.
brian mcgee Posts: 21
sometimes i think so too token. i mean its not as if they are the most liked sports agency in Ireland right now and then they go and do this. the mind boggles. anyway i suppose i have a ticket and should be grateful at that alone. bet it will still be a crap match though.
mad woman Posts: 22106
typical rip off ireland as usual...
justme Posts: 1700
I hear ya, got tickets in davitt stand top tier too - at least we are guaranteed tickets for the serbia game. Any thoughts on who our new manager (or managers??) will be ?
brian mcgee Posts: 21
No idea Justme. Alto has been said about trappatoni over the lsat few days with brady as assisstant, which would suit me fine. anything other than terry 'here for the retirement paycheck' venables. the whole finding a manager process has turned into a farce if you ask me. as for the serbia game i doubt it will be a sell out like the brazil game will be the last game after a long season for most of the players and i think they will have very little interest in it.