stupid f$cking H2B - looooong rant

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charlotteyork Posts: 1275
I am just so pissed off and need reassurance that I'm not a crazy woman. I wasn't working this weekend so I spent the whole weekend catching up on housework, cooking dinners for H2B for the week (I freeze them) and even painted the flipping utility. Now, H2B WAS working over the weekend so obviously he couldn't help me. However, he was off work yesterday and I asked him to put my dinner on around 7 as i was going to the gym on my way home from work. When I got home at half 7 it was blatantly obvious that he had just stuck on the dinner about 5 minutes before hand as the spuds were like rocks. That was the first thing that pissed me off. The second thing was that when I was off work I spent my time cleaning and when he was off work he spent the day heating the fecking sofa and watching television. Then when we were sitting down I asked him if he could get a few days off in November as I had a plan for his birthday (going to take him to Prague for a 2/3 days - its a secret tho, don't tell him :o0 ) and he starts on about how we're under enough pressure with money and that it would be a waste. I haven't had a holiday in 2 years; I work very hard and I'm trying to do something nice for this a**hole and I get told that its a waste! WTF? Anyway, I woke up this morning and felt bad about the huge argument that had kind of come from nowhere and was all prepared to talk about it/apologise at lunchtime. BUT...... he asks me at lunchtime if I mind him going to England with his buddy in 2 weeks time. O:| O:| O:| O:| O:| O:| O:| O:| O:| O:| I asked him what planet he was born on; that I had suggested a holiday and was shot down and then the following day he informs me he's off with his friend for a weekend? I was absolutely fuming and if he had of been within reach I would have strangled him. I swear to Jesus that man can push my buttons like noone else alive. Of course now we're going to have ANOTHER argument about this tonight, and the worst part is that I know he has absolutely no idea why I'm so angry. And when I started roaring at him he starts with the "No matter what I do you have a problem with it" line and I just lost it completely and said no, what I have a problem with is that when I plan something its for OUR benefit, whereas when he plans something its for HIS benefit O:| WTF is wrong with men?
TokenMale Posts: 6845
Normally I'd stick up for the men, but in this case: YOU GO GIRL!!! You're completely in the right.
garran9 Posts: 4401
I must say I would be ABSOLUTELY RAGING!! He is most defo in the wrong!!Saying that though, I'm sure he will actually, truthfully not know why he is in trouble!!! O:| O:|
shobie Posts: 1437
Ah Charlotteyork, Can completely understand why you are raging....isnt if funny how men can completely miss the whole point and turn it around so you actually start thinking you ARE imagining it?! he is in the wrong, wrong, wrong....however I agree with the previous poster....he more than likely hasn't made the connection between the 2 conversations (after all they took place on 2 different days :o0 ) and therefore has no idea why you are so angry! Set him straight and you will prob find he is really sorry....! He might even whisk you away for a Make Up Weekend!
beatingmyselfintoadress Posts: 2387
Yes! You are completely right!!!!
Brideofthedecade Posts: 587
I could have written this very post a million times!! It's a man thing, IMO. You are in the right, and hopefully he will see this! Good luck!
Faireez Posts: 973
I think some men are just completely oblivious to these things. Mine included. We're meant to be trying to save a little bit extra but that doesn't seem to stop him going out. This weekend I went to visit my sis. Saved for a few weeks so it wouldn't be too much of a drop in he wages. She's in limerick I'm in louth. While away h2b went out twice. Left daughter in his mothers day qnd night. O:| O:| O:| Was fuming and he couldn't see the problem. Yes they are all the same.
Milly83 Posts: 3620
Seriously?? Seriously??? Why are we all getting married?? WHY! They are all the bloody same. They do FA around the house and then complain when we make them. We put SO much effort into EVERYTHING house wise and they just mess everything up with ONE comment. Here's my theory... GOD created man, sat back and looked at his creation. He looked him up and down and then realised that he could do better. So he made WOMEN..... :o0 :o0 :o0
naughty Posts: 1144
Agree, you are definitely right here! How can he say no one minute to a weekend away in Nov and then turn around and say he is going on a weekend away in 2 weeks time! Huh? God, they are sooo thick sometimes, no offence to any men, can't live with them...!
sue27 Posts: 604
oooh, I really feel for you! This could have been us. They just don't get it, they really don't make the connection. and then they have the talent to turn it all round and in the end we feel like we are in the wrong... what's that all about anyway? Good luck sorting it out tonight, I hate those kind of conversations. Try and stay calm and explain it in very SIMPLE words :o0