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Hopefully07 Posts: 2027
Ohhh Girls I feel STUPID tying this but sure I've never heard it before so how would I know.... Anyway here goes, I got my doppler yesterday :o)ll and we tried it out last night I [b:2tk6kuq8][u:2tk6kuq8]THINK [/u:2tk6kuq8][/b:2tk6kuq8] I heard the heart beat :o)ll :o)ll but sure I don't know????? There was some kinda of swoshing noises so I thought that was just blood flow (as it could be heard nearly everwhere) and then I heart like DUMP DUMP DUMP but it was VERY hard to hear and I thought it was suppose to be really fast, I don't think this was......ohh God Was this it????....ohh God I know it's like asking "how long is a piece of string" sorry! :-8 But just thought somebody might be able to point me in the direction of hearing some :-8
little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
I would think that was it? I really don't know Are you glad you got it?
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
This is why I didnt buy one...its really hard to describe in writing but its like a syron noise in and out and fast :-8
Playful Posts: 638
Many women describe their babies’ heartbeats like the sound of a galloping horse ... Hope this helps
Sphynx Posts: 6795
Hopefully I'd say that was it alright. Did you turn the volume of the Doppler right up? It can be hard to hear as there are all sorts of other noises, including belly gurgles! The swooshing noise is blood flowing through the placenta. The heartbeat is supposed to sounds like a galloping horse or a steam train. If you count it it's usually between 120 and 160 beats per minute. It might also be hard to hear if the placenta is on the front wall of the uterus or if the baby is moving around a lot. But I'd say that's what you heard! Try again tonight and let us know how you get on!
Hopefully07 Posts: 2027
Thanks Girls for you're replies, have to say I feel a bit stupid today :-8 I thought it was a case of just putting in on you're belly and hey ho you'd know the beating of a heart...I swear I am such a dopey cow, my DH was CONVIENCED it was it but I wasn't so sure and I thought he was just saying it to keep me calm......however surprisingly I DIDN'T panic I really thought I would! It states on the leaflet you get that it sounds like galloping horses but sure that can sound like anything (IYKWIM) and I didn’t really hear that….well I don’t think I did! O:| I am going to try and count the beats later on (and have a full bladder I just emptied it before I did it O:| ) thanks Sphynx LMS - The jury's still out at the mo, if that WAS the heart beating last night well then it IS brilliant but until I know for sure I am a bit disappointed.
Sphynx Posts: 6795
Hopefully you're not being daft - just worried! Here, you can listen to some fetal heartbeats on this website - might help:
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
[quote="Sphynx":23nsy2o3]Hopefully you're not being daft - just worried! Here, you can listen to some fetal heartbeats on this website - might help: [/quote:23nsy2o3] I was about to say maybe take a trip to your GP to hear the heartbeat as once you hear it you will never forget it!!!