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Grey Alien Posts: 699
Ok, so I was discussing my hospital & labour bag essentials with DH and when I mentioned bottles of water, he asked me if the coombe would not just provide water for me.... He reckons that if I do bring a bottle of water in or an empty sports bottle that we should just be able to refill it as needed. He has me thinking he right? Is there a need to lug heavy bottles of water into hospital with me? Thanks in advance :thnk
ciaraella Posts: 5323
You'll be given jugs of water by the catering staff so no need to bring much. I would bring one bottle though in case you run out in the night, personally I could never be without water at hand!
MrsMtoB Posts: 1212
I'd bring one bottle just for handiness, there'll be plenty of water in the hospital. I was in the rotunda so might be a bit different but there were water stations all over the place so it was easy to refill bottles.
gopro Posts: 1801
on the antenatal and postnatal wards they refill jugs but in the labour ward you'd be better with your own water I would recommend the cucumber wopws from boots to cool you in labour
Grey Alien Posts: 699
Hi ladies, Thanks for your replies! So does that mean they won't supply water in the delivery suite?? sorry for being a pain. :o(
gopro Posts: 1801
I only got it once after vomiting If you get epi you'll get a drip
VenusInFurs Posts: 7
I couldn't remember in delivery suite but just asked dh and he says we got jugs and top ups & a glass for him too.
Daisygatsby Posts: 62
I brought a bottle with me and there was water stations that u could use to refill. The nurse gave me a jug and cup also. That was holles street. Bring the bottle anyway as better to have it just in case. One bottle I am so so happy I brought was a hot water bottle!! It really soothed the pain for me in car on way in and for the first while, nurse refilled it with hot water for me through the night, def def recommend one. I didn't see it on any labor bag lists before hand so tell everyone now to bring one!! Good luck with rest of pregnancy and the birth.
Grey Alien Posts: 699
Thanks DaisyGatsby and everyone else :o)ll :o)ll
BusyMom Posts: 717
There was always a jug of water by my bedside on the post-natal ward, and also plenty available in the labour ward but I'd definitely recommend a sports bottle so you can have a sip no matter what position you are in, no worries about spilling it. One thing I did before each of mine were born was bought a few big bottles of water and put them in the freezer at home & in my parents' house. Each time anyone came in to visit me, they'd bring a bottle of ice. The air in the hospital is so warm that the plastic jugs of water they give out aren't long heating the water up to that stomach churning room temperature, it was bliss to have a frozen bottle which I drank as it melted.