Style guru needed! BF and going to a wedding!

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rebelin Posts: 113
Girls I'm hoping you can help! I've a family wedding in early July and I intend to still be bf my ds. I'm 5ft 8, size 14-16 and need to find a dress that I can bf in rather than leave proceedings and strip off in the hotel room every time lil man needs a feed. I'll express some and have a bottle or two but it would be easier to be able to feed him at some stage so I don't burst myself :-8 I went to a wedding when he was just a few weeks old and relatives watched him in the room while I popped down for dinner but as this is a family wedding the same option isn't available. I also remember at that wedding I wore a plunging neckline which made feeds easier but also made my oversized boobs a spectacle for leery intoxicated men at the wedding too :-8 :-8 Any ideas??
Daff Posts: 11644
I always found a wraparound dress the best. Saying that for her Christening I wore a dress I couldn't BF in, she was 8 week, and just went to a bedroom to do it - was nice to get away from everyone :o0
Blackbird Posts: 5135
I got a BF dress for DS2's christening. He used to take ages to feed so I would have been gone all day if I didn't have something BF friendly. I got it from, it's the Sophia one. You could do a BF vest top under a wrap/low neckline dress either. I have done this but I still feel a bit exposed this way.
rebelin Posts: 113
Cheers blackbird! Checked out that site, gorgeous dress, would be ideal! Tks a mill, I knew the Wolies wouldn't let me down :thnk