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bangel Posts: 2285
I'm ale, short and hourglass shaped (big boobs!). I'd love something "different" but who knows. I haven't tried any on and don't know where to start looking. Ideally love a bit of colour, but not necessarily! Thanks :thnk
bigassbride Posts: 83
i can imagine the traditional strapless with a big skirt might be nice - something nipped in at the waist deffo - but you really need to pop into a bridal shop and try on as many as you can. then once you've decided what shape suits you then you can look at the details like lace, colour, beads or not, pearls or not etc. i really love the san patrick and la sposa designs myself - look at their websites for an idea it might not be your cup of tea but i love them, you really have to try some dresses on hun, its too hard to suggest what styles you should go for,,,,good luck!
newyear09wife Posts: 899
you could be describing me... very pale(people always ask am i feeling allright cos im very pale) short (5ft2inches) and hourglass(big chest tiny waist and big hips) and i went for lucia bu edel tuite.... most of her dresses are made to fit the curvier female figure so would recommend giving her a visit....
bangel Posts: 2285
Cheers for the advice. AM isn't back til February and don't really want to go shopping without her. Although I may not be able to hold out! (I'm only 4'10.5"!!!) Even the designer names are a great help.
Miss Twinkle Posts: 230
A- line dresses are the job so then for you I think!
bangel Posts: 2285
A line sounds good. I think I'll need straps too, (or an extremely structured corseted top)
marquise Posts: 595
I went dress shopping for the first time last week and I found that the Maggie Sottero dresses have great corsets/structure. I was very impressed with them - I never wear anything that is strapless as I find them uncomfortable but I reckon I could get away with it in one of those dresses!
anika Posts: 2194
hi bangel, i have a fine size bust as well and when i tried on dresses a few months ago i found that the once with straps or halterneck where just da best for me. i felt more comfortable with it. if i'd wear strapless on my wedding i'd b afraid something pops out, even tho i will go for a very fitted dress and it should actually still hold it up, but i dont want to worry about it all day. and i also think like some other poster suggested that u should try an a-line skirt. but just pop into the bridal shops and ask them for advise. if they c u they should know straight away what looks good on u and suit ur figure. thats what they r there for to advise u to pick the best style and most beautiful dress for ur day. best of luck with the search. its great fun :wv
sillysocks Posts: 1390
I'm the exact same shape as you and ended up with a Sophia Tolli dress - I tried a few from her collection and all of them were really flattering! Make a fwe appointments and you'll soon find out what suits and what doesn't. I didn't want strapless but all the shops said any of the strapless dresses could easily have straps added during alterations so don't worry if you try a strapless one but would like straps. In the end the one I picked had straps anyway so saved me the hassle!
ela28 Posts: 2552
I have a tiny waist and big hips,I have found the traditional maggie dresses to be very flattering :wv