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*bubblez* Posts: 1599
HI, Found out over xmas that my cousins girlfriend is PG expecting in July... she's very young (18) and doesn't really know much about the different stages of pregnancy and what to expect, I was wondering if anyone could suggest a book to get for her that might help her out? something not too complicated or scary... I was also thinking of putting together a little hamper for her of stuff for herself to keep her going if she's getting a bit down about putting on weight and stuff... I know there are restrictions on what you can use while pregnant so any suggestions would be welcome. thanks
Tedsters Posts: 1688
A good book would be 'What to Expect when you are Expecting'. It's been recommended several times on this forum and the language is easy to read and includes questions with answers I never thought of!! They also have a website which might give you some ideas on
babe06 Posts: 898
I don't have what to expect when your expecting but i did get several ones that I feel have loads of info but read abit like a scince book. But then i found this little gem - its called "your Pregnancy Day-by-Day" written by Professor Stuart Campbell. Its a little small book (well big enough but not compared to the other text books) and has day by day account and pictures of your pregnancy. Each page then also has a paragrph on something else like types of births, what clothes to get, tests to expect, abbreviation and lingo, etc. The reason I'm suggesting this ne is its v easy to read and has short iformaive text and is therefore easier to get through. In my experience as a secondary school teacher teenagers don't like to read long technical stuff - bit like myself!! Its beautifully presented and the daily 3D pics of baby are fascinating.