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paws2paws Posts: 737
Hi Girls, Was in Drogheda in Next and priced a suite of funiture for the sitting room it worked out for two chairs and large couch €2400 :eek feck that i said went to Newry and Priced it there for the same suite with deilvery to my house wait for it :o0 .....£1530 sterling €1750 euro nearly died TOOK THE SUITE delighted unreal and drogheda were charging €30 to my house here in Drogheda!!! nearly died but pleased now i got it :o0 :o0 :o0
missymoomooo Posts: 639
It makes me sick how these stores continue to rip us off in the Republic and then try to tell us it's all in their overheads. Bo**iks!! Fair play to you going elsewhere to price it and it's paid off for you nicely. Well done you! O-O
paws2paws Posts: 737
Thanks pink lady yeah unreal conutry is a disgrace. didin' feel a bit guilty buying it today delighted it's fab and got a great deal too :o)ll :o)ll