Suits - hire or buy?

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comprometida Posts: 143
Help please! We have five groomsmen (madness I know) and are trying to suss out the cost of hire versus buying. A lot of hire places don't seem to show prices on their websites so would be grateful if anyone has advice on average prices? I read on here previously that hire is so expensive these days it makes more sense to buy somewhere reasonable but decent like Next etc Would appreciate any advice! Thanks!
Betty80 Posts: 36
Hi, From experience of watching my sister buy suits it was a nightmare everyone ranges in size and height and it lead to them looking across country for sizes & costing a fortune in alterations We have 3 groomsmen but are also dressing our 2 dad's and have hired all 5 suits for €650 that's including shirts to keep - cuff links to keep & any alterations I just found it so easy to deal with as the suit hire shops know what works well and all our lads range from tall to small - thin to a body builder so it was great to have no added stress Hope this helps
Groomzilla16 Posts: 55
Alot of places offer basic suit hire for less than €100 each. They aren't top of the line quality however. More like debs tuxs etc. Next however sell two piece suits for around the €140 mark and look great. Then you can get lovely white double cuff shirts in TM Lewin. They sell on special at around 4 for €115. TM Lewin have all sizes of shirts and fits and next do too. So you can get something for everyone there. If you were planning to get groomsmen gifts, scrap those and use the excess from that to buy the suits as a gift.
MrsSparkle2B Posts: 1689
Our suits were 110 or 120 each, dead handy told the boys what shop to go to. They got measured, got the shirts ties whole lot for that price. All we had to get was shoes. Iv seen colleagues at work buy suits & was a real hassle with diff sizes, availability etc so hiring is a good way to go.
comprometida Posts: 143
Thanks for all the replies - if it's not too much trouble those of you that recommend hire - would you mind PM-ing me the hire place you used?
Smallensmall Posts: 139
I was going to buy suits as well but when we went in to look at them the guys in the shop said we were mad to buy them. MY OH tried on a rented one and it was fab on him. We have 4 groomsmen suits plus his suit so are saving a fortune. It was 85 for my OH's Trousers, Jacket and waistcoat and 70 for the Jackets and trousers for the boys. The alterations to ensure they fit correctly is included in that as well. We are going to buy the shirts and the ties in Next or Zara but our budget just went from 1500 to about 500 so it was great. We rented them in a shop called Esquire in Limerick
Enchantedgarden Posts: 6
Hi girls, have any of you had experience of getting suits for people abroad? We were going to go for Next suits because 2 groomsmen are coming from the UK so we thought they could go buy them there and we'd get the same for best man and father of bride over here, but looking at all your answers here it seems that the cheaper option might be suit hire but not sure how that could work as they won't be here until day before the wedding. Any one had any experience with this? Thanks in advance and sorry to hijack the thread but thought it might be a good place to ask :)
MrsSparkle2B Posts: 1689
One of our fellas lived away so he sent his measurements in & they ordered it. He was there then for the final fitting a few days beforehand.
LadyLizzie Posts: 1724
Definitely hire. Easiest option for that number of groomsmen!
jenny7785 Posts: 158
we have four groomsmen, groom, and my dad but we are buying the suits. to rent its €140 each. but to buy its €175 and thats a three piece suit, shirt, tie/dickiebow to match bridesmaids dresses, and shoes. and my dad has never had a suit so i want to treat him to a really nice one. and i dont trust that when you hire, they are going to fit properly . and if someone doesnt have the right shoes to match everyone else, someone might wear runners (which ive seen happen) becuase they cant afford to buy new shoes like the rest of the boys