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suzacass Posts: 2
Hi there My Brother is giving me away. He is 24. We don't plan on him wearing the same suits as the other guys in the Bridal party. We don't want him to end up looking like a Groomsman. Is this appropriate? Or is it the norm that the "Father of the Bride" wears the same suit at the other men. Cheers
Ronan Palliser Photography Posts: 30
The "Father of the Bride" would [i:1f0uce04]usually[/i:1f0uce04] wear a wedding suit that matches the rest of the wedding party, but that doesn't mean your brother needs to. If he's worried about being mistaken for a grooms man you could just arrange for him to get a nice suit for the day, but not one of the wedding ones. And he could wear a flower in the button hole to still mark him out as "someone important" so to speak. It's common for brothers of the bride to wear a wedding suit too by the way, even if not a groomsman. My brother-in-law did - he was an usher on our day.
suzacass Posts: 2
Yes, I was thinking a nice suit and a button hole. He will be sitting at the top table with my Mother as he will give a speech. Not sure what I will do.... Thanks for your help :wv