suits to go with navy bridesmaids dress

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haverford Posts: 134
hi- i am having navy bridesmaids dresses and h2b has tried on grey suits but dont seem to be as nice on him as the black, will black be ok with navy or what do ye suggest... thanks :wv
justwaitin Posts: 2462
Has ur h2 b tried a navy suit I've seen a navy jacket and dark charcol trousers in black tie.
emmabelle1987 Posts: 170
I am having navy bridesmaids dresses and going to have a navy suit.....has he tried that? x
haverford Posts: 134
thanks girls... i think hes going to try on some navy suits today..hopefully that will work! :wv
MayBee Posts: 346
my bridesmaid dress is navy, but it has black beading, so we are hoping to still go with black suits, it think it may be hard to match navy to navy suits as you have so many different navys, so hoping the black will be ok, any opinions greatly appreciated O:o)
haverford Posts: 134
just to let ye know he tried on navy and black suits both were lovely but the black just looked sharper on him i took photos and you couldnt tel the difference between the black and navy in photo, the man who was dealing with us said he has loads of people who have had navy bmaid dresses but still go with black as black seems to be the most popular suit, he said navy would go fine with the black suits...he tried on ivory tie & waistcoat and silver tie & waistcoat-again both were nice but i think were going to go with the ivory, thanks for replies :wv