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ponderousanon Posts: 144
Hi ladies! I'm getting married next summer and am just starting to wonder whether I should be getting myself in gear to find my bridesmaid dresses before the summer stock is gone from shops! I haven't much time in the next few weeks and one bridesmaid is away until September. I had been hoping to wait for her to come home but now starting to wonder if I have the time, especially if I wanna get something outside of the typical bridal shops?
ladysaint73 Posts: 49
I'm getting married in August & got BM dresses in January. There a beautiful mint green, high street is great so I would say you have loads of time no rush. good luck
Wendydarling Posts: 26
It definitely wouldn't be a bad idea to start keeping an eye out for potential dresses now, especially if you're not going down the traditional bridal shop route. Most of the high street shops will be having sales on their summer stock soon - it could be the perfect opportunity to pick something fabulous up and come in under budget! I was in Coast just last week - their sale has already started and they have great reductions on a whole range of dresses, in all sorts of different styles and lengths. If you're willing to shop online, stores like also have some gorgeous dresses, which are often reduced to half price or less in their sales. My wedding isn't until summer 2015 - I'll be in your shoes this time next year, so I'm paying attention now! Happy shopping!! :)