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PlayBones Posts: 32
Anyone getting married in Summerhill House Hotel? If so I'd love to hear your experiences. We are getting married there in August this year! Can't wait! PB.
Smilinmaz Posts: 446
I got married there last year and I can't say enough good things about it :) wish I could do it all again
PlayBones Posts: 32
That's great to hear... thank you for your message!! Hope you're enjoying married life! Best wishes, PB
janakin Posts: 11
I love the Summerhill - I've been a guest at 3 weddings there, it's fab! We nearly choose it for ours but decided against it as my BM was married there only a few months ago. EVERY wedding I've been to there has been absolutely brilliant- food is great and the hotel itself is so beautiful. Only thing I noticed at all of them- the canapes or scones on arrival have always gone very quick or been tricky to find (I'm one of these people who is always starving by the time of the drinks reception- so seek out noms!). But that was a minor observation, and the only thing I can think of to be critical about. Everything else was wonderful at them all :) Hope you've an amazing day!!!!
PlayBones Posts: 32
Hi Janakin, Thanks for your reply, great to hear of someone else who recommends it. We live in France, so I really picked it on how beautiful the house and garden in , and how accommodating they were with all our requests. That's good advice about the scones and canapés... cos I'm one of those people who nearly prefers the drinks and nibbles more than the main meal. In fact I have ordered a "beefed up" list of canapés for that reason... but I will stress that I want plenty going around with the drinks based on your advice. Thanks again!! Great to get these little bits of inside info! All the best, PB.
elliedoyle1975 Posts: 9
HI there, we`ve booked Summerhill for early dec this year, we get married onsite as we arent having a church, so the whole thing is in the hotel. i`ve been really impressed so far, and i`ve heard from so many other people who`ve been guests there in the past that its a brilliant venue. Kasia and LInda, and all the staff are so helpful. I`m really looking forward to it!