Sunday weddings in tipperary

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ellie r Posts: 2
Hi all, I'm new to this so forgive me if I am bringing up an old topic but I couldn't find info on this anywhere. So this is whats on my boyfriend and I got engaged on 26th July this year ( :lvs ) and after much consideration we decided we would like to get married on the may bank holiday weekend 2015 on the sunday. We choose this date for 2 reasons 1. It would be my grandads 100 bday if he was alive and 2. Bank holiday Sunday weddings are 20% cheaper than fri or sat weddings in our chosen venue (a saving of over 3000e on our chosen wedding package) So I rang our local priest to ask if we could get married in the local church on a sunday. He said it was ok but as he has other engagements on a sunday he would not be able to marry us. That was fine as we had planned on asking another priest anyway but when we asked the other priest he said it was an unusual request, that he's look into it and get back to us. when he did he said he spoken to a few other priests who had discouraged him from doing it as it's frowned upon, basically from what i could gather, beacuse the priests like to have sundays to themselves. So now we have a church to get married in on a sunday but no priest to marry us. Can anyone help with this please?
sueblue Posts: 116
Hi Ellie R, Congrats on your engagement :o)ll What a nice thought to get married on what would be your Grandad's 100th birthday. I looked in to this in Co. Limerick, and our church definitely does not allow weddings on a Sunday (ever), so ruled it out. I think that is the case with a lot of churches, so I'm a little surprised that the priest said you can have it. Just wondered if you would consider getting legally married a few days beforehand in a registry office/civil ceremony and then seeing if you could find a priest to do a (shorter) blessing ceremony on the Sunday? Alternatively, do you really, really want a church wedding? As I'm pretty sure the law has changed lately to allow you to have a civil/humanist ceremony any day of the week? (Up to now it had been just Mon-Fri as far as I am aware). Best of luck with it, hope you get what you want - it's a big saving venue wise, and with the Monday being a bank holiday then I'm guessing it would suit the majority of your guests too. One thing to remember is that while some services will be cheaper on a Sunday, others may be more expensive - such as florist, hair & make up etc. as they would not normally work on a Sunday.
MrsOC2012 Posts: 595
Congrats on your engagement!! Sundays are also a big no-no in my local parishes (North Co. Dublin) as Sunday is traditionally a "day of rest". Even if the priest wants to do it, it's frowned upon as it would set a precedent. Would you consider getting married on the Thursday instead as most places would offer a discount on a midweek wedding?
Jane Smith Posts: 3158
I'm not sure what part of Tipperary you're intending in getting married in but if it falls within the Diocese of Kilalloe the Bishop does not permit marriages take place on a Sunday.
ellie r Posts: 2
Thanks for all the replies, ye are very considerate. Well we think we have found our priest, he has already married couples on a Sunday in our diocese so we are just waiting to hear if he is free on our chosen date. Fingers crossed! Thanks again for the replies ladies.
Benja Posts: 3
My local priest in Galway is marrying us on a Sunday this December.. we must be one of the lucky ones, but this priest is a very nice man, extremely accommodating and open minded about music / readings etc. Maybe he'd travel to Tipperary :)
cindywhyte Posts: 11
I am getting married on the 2nd of Aug...Sunday. Boherhahan church.its my parish,priest wasnt overly excited but he couldn't say no as we would know him...think knockavilla do Sunday weddings.
AoifeCork Posts: 73
OP, I'm singing at a wedding on the October bank holiday Sunday this year in Ballycahill outside Thurles and I know the priest is local to the area so I can find out if he is available/willing to help out :)