sunfx versus fake bake

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kbt Posts: 108
This has prob been asked many times but I had a sunfx done last year and it was awful. Orange and the fading made me look like I had askin disease! Anyway I obviously havent learned and was considering a fake bake for my hols. If youv'e had it done is it orange and how does it fade? Am useless even with Johnsons holiday skin. I still get streaks. Any advice app.
booboo Posts: 622
I got sun fx done before and I thought it was excellent.. Got it done upstairs in Clerys..... Where did you get it done..Maybe it just wasn't applied properly,,, Have no experience of fake bake I'm afraid
kbt Posts: 108
hi I got it done in a salon in Kildare. Heard IT spraytan is good too but don't know whether to chance it!
katey Posts: 682
Hi Ya Ive had fake bake done when I was bridesmaid for a friend's wedding. I had it done in a salon and it was totally beautiful. and believe me i've tried lots, and i like a natural, not orange look. Not a streak in sight and it faded non-patchy. Def recommend it. Good luck! Katey
kbt Posts: 108
oh im feeling braver already!
Summer2006 Posts: 12
I have had both done on a regular basis. I personaly thing that Fake bake would be the best out of the two, But have you considered Calafornia Tan? its much more natural looking & fades better than the other two. :)
BrideMeath Posts: 9
Has anyone heard of So Glow spray tan? That's the one I'm getting.
Tantalizin Posts: 10
Fake Bake all the way - but I am biased as I do mobile tanning and Fake Bake is the product I use!!! K.
Gurtie Posts: 282
I have tried both and Sun FX was awful on me. But I love the Fake Bake the secret is to have your skin in good condition when you have it applied. Make sure you have exfoliated. :wink:
nyc baby Posts: 52
Hi sorry to butt in but could kittyk please pm me details of her mobile tanning service. Thanks