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mammymcphee Posts: 4477
girls quick question at the risk of sounding stupid, :innocent: A friends mam has died and her funeral is on this evening, my sister said that its a bad omen to go into a funeral home when you are expecting. i know ive heard of it before but i hadnt given it a 2nd thought until she said it, now i dont know what to do. im going to the funeral anyway, my friend is driving me in, but what wud u do, wud u go in or just wait until the friend comes out and sympathise with her, thanks for reading..... :lvs
Playful123 Posts: 385
hey wannababs ...if it was me i'd go in and be there for your friend...I'm not saying i'm not superstitious but never heard this one. Sad time for their family :o(
PrincessLea Posts: 436
What is it they say, you shouldn't bring someone into a graveyard who can't walk out on their own.... Saying that, graveyards seems to be jammers with old folk in wheelchairs, and most of them can hardly walk out on their own can they now?! You'd probably be better off giving it a miss tho, I'm sure there'll be plenty little old ladies there giving you the evil eye as they'll prob see it as improper. (Little old ladies seem to think it's improper to be seen outside when pregnant just in general, or that's the impression I've got anyway!) I'd go to the church and the do after, I'm sure your friend will understand and will appreciate you being there at all. :wv
mammymcphee Posts: 4477
thanks ladies, tis the gravyard bit i always thought was a no no. im going to go anyway and ill see her when she comes out the poor thing, its just her and her mam and now she has nobody only her aunts and uncle, the poor pet, they did everything together. really sad it is, :o( thanks for the replies :xxx
mtv Posts: 935
never heard of it before
mam2be Posts: 94
I was at one last night - go ahead! I wouldn't be a bit superstitious! :)
pixiebell Posts: 739
I'm not 100% sure but i thought it was you can't see the persons body or be in the same room as a corpse. So if you went to the house you could be there for your friend but just not go in to the room. Thats my understanding of it but i may not be right...
poppy1deux Posts: 228
I went before i reached the 3 month mark, i think if you believe in superstitions you'd wouldnt do much!! they also say pearls for tears and im sure plenty of girls here wore those on their wedding day........
wifin Posts: 4761
[quote="poppy1deux":22emctjg]they also say pearls for tears and im sure plenty of girls here wore those on their wedding day........[/quote:22emctjg] Ha ha, I did! Never heard that! I am very happily married and I don't think mad hormonal pregnancy tears count :o0
kala Posts: 1937
i've gone to funerals while pregnant, ie the removal part but not the burial part, but saying that then, i went to mass every sunday when pregnant and our church is in the graveyard or rather more its all the one. plus i've visited hubbys sisters grave while pregnant, and thankfully nothing went wrong