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janus83 Posts: 12
Hi, I'm attempting to make a brooch bouquet, could be terrible idea but I'll see how I get on! Has anyone seen any ivory or cream fake hydrangeas on sale anywhere lately? I'm based Dublin/Kildare. Florist wire I ordered the first roll from Ebay but I'm out now so wondering if anyone knows a florist that stocks this in 22 guage, also stem tape and a wire collar or ribbon collar? A lot of questions, hoping someone might be able to help or may have recently made their own bouquet and have some advice! Thanks ;)
kitkat2014 Posts: 34
Hi- I'm in the middle if making mine- sounds daft but I ordered my wire on they do next day delivery. They also have some very reasonably priced brooches! I did see very nice fake hydrangea in Eire flowers in naas supposed to be trade only but they might make an exception if you give them a call. BTW it's no where near as easy as it looks!
tooty Posts: 95
hi ya. i got my wire in art and craft shop, i went with a 24 guage, i ended up doing double stems on each for more support. the hydrangeas i found where a disaster to support the brooches,way to flimsy, no matter what way i tried to place the brooches around it, i ended up getting foam ivory roses and built it up around those, way more support. i got a wire collar but didnt end up using it,again it was a disaster, not enough support in it and it didnt look great. it does take time and patience and your fingers will be sore from twisting the wire(half way through i wore gloves twisting the wire). i didnt use floral tape, found it to be a waste of time. i wrapped the stems in ivory satin and then a diamonte wrap.mine was made and re made so many times, to get it perfect, but it was so worth it, im delighted with it and it was worth the time and effort.feel free to ask if you have any questions. best of luck with it.