support stockings/tights?

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MrsB1982 Posts: 150
Hi girls, Just wondering if anyone is wearing support tights or stockings during their pregnancy and if you'd recommend the type you are wearing? My legs can get sore normally, am a teacher so am on my feet all day, and I would wear normal support tights which help. I can't find any maternity firm support tights or stockings and would like to start wearing them as varicose veins run in my family!! Ta
Sweetmum Posts: 2146
try boots they stock the scholl support knee high socks, i was worried about varcoise veins too when pregnant and i think they helped keeping them at bay.i am also a teacher and they were great for giving support when you are on your feet all day HTH :wv
MrsB1982 Posts: 150
oh thanks, will do! was looking online, but some of the websites were charging £30+ for 1 pair :ooh so i'll def have a look in boots! ta very much xx