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ciaraella Posts: 5323
Suri seems like one meana$$ kid!
maxicosi Posts: 576
thats so creepy but funny!
Flower Girl Posts: 1645
I love this site, it's so cutting. God love the poor child, she constantly has cameras shoved in her face so no wonder she always looks grumpy, but this site fits so well with that image...
R2theB Posts: 1660
One of my favourite blogs on the entire interwebs. Very amusing!
ciaraella Posts: 5323
I was bored and mooching about, bored of all the normal sites that i'd be on, any others like it? As in similar humour??
R2theB Posts: 1660
Not similar really but these are two of my favourite time-wasters... and Cracked is really funny AND informative, double whammy of deadliness. Enjoy!