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Mrstobe10 Posts: 1793
Hi Im looking to surprise my other half with a surprise on the big day but im hitting a brick wall O:| :o0 He is not into football so I cant get that signed cert thing... We have spoken about fireworks, he is pricing them so I cant do that.. He is a little kid when it comes to things so was thinking of a little sweet stand that I saw on a website but I dont think the guests would use it and they will no children at the wedding.. He loves his beer, esp ones from different countries so was going to get a mini bar with beer from his fav places but we have decided not to drink and be to honest he gets drunk after 2 drinks :hic and dont want him falling over etc... Anyone got any ideas??? :wv
Mrs..D Posts: 1741
Depending on your budget.....I've booked a trip to London for us as a "2nd honeymoon" in July - gives us something to look forward to after we get back...It's a surprise for him, you could do something like this and tell him on the day??