Surprise presents for new moms?

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groom_zilla Posts: 109
Was at an ante-natal class and the midwife said it was essential for the husband/partner to have a nice surprise for the new mom when she got home. Just looking for some inspiration, what did any of you new moms get?
rosiemama Posts: 3363
i didn't get anything >:o( (although he has made up for it since) it would be a lovely surprise. dh got me a photoframe for xmas and put the very first photo of me and ds in it. it is really lovely and i have it on my bedside table. anything pampering would be good too as you feel crap for ages after - comfy pjs, slippers, luxurious dressing gown. doing the washing / cooking / housework for at least 6 months is good too :yelrotflmaosmilie:
hipbaby Posts: 4530
Ha I am about to have my 3rd baby and didn't get anything for other 2!! Thats being harsh though as DH is brilliant and hands on and totally spoiled me with gifts for Mothers Day etc. He got me a lovely Pandora charm bracelet with a charm for my girls, my angel baby, and this time I spotted a charm that has 3 hearts on it and have hinted to him that I would like that!! As a small token initially a lot of hubbies tend to buy this gift set from me for a little pampering!
marianf Posts: 5845
Coming home to a clean house with a stocked fridge would be a lovely present.........its the little things that count. I am expecting the first day home to be manic but it would be great if DH cooked a lovely dinner and maybe had a few mags for me to flick through. Like Rosie-Mama suggested a frame pic would be lovely......especially if it was in an 'I love Mummy' frame. Remember it's a surprise and not necessarily a gift!
walkingwollie Posts: 3344
I wish people like the woman at your antenatal class wouldn't push this idea of the present after birth being a necessity. I got nothing - not even flowers or a balloon BUT my dh waited on me hand and foot while I was establishing bfing, stayed up whole nights with our extremely agitated, non-sleeping baby just handing him to me when he needed a feed (the only time he suddenly slept! go figure) and is ultra hands-on still. A friend of mine got the biggest, hugest diamond eternity ring you ever did see, but her dp is absolutely useless at helping out, the type that would sit and read his newspaper with a baby on fire in front of him! Don't get me wrong, if dh'd showed up with the flash I'd have loved that too.. but I wouldn't trade all his help and support and connection with our ds for all the diamonds in the world now :lvs If you were the one buying though, I think the 'New Parent Survival Kit' from natalia is nice, and I personally liked the 'Postpartum Recovery kit' from Earth Mama Angel Baby. And for Christmas I got earrings and a bracelet in ds's birthstone (turqouise).
papillon Posts: 1305
Nice post, Mrs Bean, I too would take your Dh's actions over the bling anyday of the week!
Piggle Posts: 1770
Something like a bottle of perfume, or a card saying "I am so proud of you" Or something small but thoughtful would be lovely! Us girls, just want to feel loved! Thats it! :)
totalnovice Posts: 787
God i got zilch when I had DS and he even forgot to get me something for Mothers Day but to be honest he was a great help with DS and around the house so that meant more to me. I think a little bag of treats would be lovely and a card saying so proud of her and your new baba. The bag of treats could include her fave magazines or books she'd like. Some pampering bath & body stuff, voucher for spa treatment, fave chocolates, nice photo frame.
marianf Posts: 5845
Who said we were difficult to please? It really is the little things that count IMO. Just on the eternity ring subject (sorry Groomzilla for going off on a tangent) what is the general feeling? We are only married 13 months so I have no desire for an eternity ring but there seems to be an expectation among my friends that you have to get one when you have a baby :compress I'd have much more appreciation for it when we have been married for a few years and been through a lot together.
funkyfish Posts: 7626
a new laptop before the birth.. best pressie ever was a big tearfilled "I'm so proud of you just as i went in to have the section. what more does a girls want. he waited on me hand and foot for 2 weeks after babs' birth. and hasn't scratched himself since.............. :o0 joke he's done a bit i think he thinks he's done for a few years now :o0