Surviving the last few weeks of work ???

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Finished here Posts: 2860
Hey everyone, I have 5.5 weeks of work left and I am finding it increasingly difficult to cope :o( I have a high pressure job with a lot of responsibility and my days are 4 out of 5 hectic with little time to breath. This week for the first time i am finding that i am not sleeping as well as i have been. It takes me longer to get to sleep now despite being exhausted, i am uncomfortable in bed as heartburn is terrible and finding my breathing is a little impaired, then there is the usual three to four bathroom trips :o0 Then there is the train journey its only 25-30mins but i never get a seat and my back is broken and babs is head butting my bladder for the whole journey while iam standing :o0 so i am barely able to walk the 5 min walk from the train stop to my job :eek So basically i am looking for tips to help me survive the next few weeks, how do you all do it :thnk I think its all mind over matter and maybe its the fact my mind is switching off from work thats making it harder :-8
steen Posts: 1335
Fat Frog, I'm on the final countdown to ML and like you I have a stressful and busy job. I am also in college and sit exams every 4 weeks O:| Unfortunately, the not sleeping has been really bad with the pass 2 weeks or so and you just have to go home and climb into bed. Get as much rest as you can. If it gets really bad or effects your BP, the doc may sign you off early. I am going to have to have a word with college and see if I can defer my last number of exams until next year. Rest and sleep as much as you can is the tip that everyone is giving me. You need to be as rested as possible for the birth and the first couple of weeks.
Dora the explorer Posts: 1570
Hi Girls, I know the feelings but sometimes you have to say enough is enough and look after you and babs, I am due to have another 2 weeks or so in work but finishing up this Friday I just cant do it anymore it means I have at least about 5 weeks at home probably before babs arrives but hey there are worse thingsl x
Blackbird Posts: 5135
It's very hard towards the end, broken sleep, discomfort, standing on the train, heartburn...I had carpal tunnel in my hands as well, which was very sore. All I can say is to start taking it a bit easier. Ask for a seat on the train, if you can get near enough the seats to ask! Have you holidays left or time in lieu or anything like that? I know you probably want to keep all your hols for after the baby arrives but maybe one day off would help you and then there is the bank holiday in May too to look forward to so a couple of four day weeks would be nice. I was due to work up to 39 weeks (my own decision) and I had flexi time worked up so that I could leave work an hour early every day for the last week. I was signed off at 38 weeks though after a hospital stay so it didn't matter in the end! Start thinking about your handover and start working on that, it will give you a feeling of finishing up. Also from a practical point of view, I was signed off work sooner than I expected and I had to go in to finish up my handover because I was expecting to have another week to work on it!
zoesmama Posts: 2774
when i was pg with DS i was in a high pressure job. v stressful. i had decided to go on ML at 36 weeks but only made it to 34 and was hospitalised on the day of my 34 week scan. just had to call my boss from the hospital bed and tell him that was it !! like Dora said sometimes enough is enough. this time i took early ML in order to put off almost certain redundancy until next year. it's so much easier physically although not financially !
brunette Posts: 234
I think I read somewhere that burning clary sage oil in the evenings towards the end helps you to sleep better. Hope things improve for you. Its disgraceful that you cant even get a seat on the train...Id be raging.
mrssunflower Posts: 3651
I was signed off at 36 weeks because I just wasn't fit for work. I ended up in hospital the week later due to excessive swelling. DD didn't come until I was 2 weeks over so I had 6 weeks at home, but I needed it. If you are finding it hard then try and finish up a little earlier if you can. Babs has to come first
byebye Posts: 599
Hi FatFrog, I could have wrote your post... I'm back at work after 2wks off, and am shattered!! I teach secondary so it's very stressful esp at this time of year. I slept through 3 different alarms this morn and was nearly late.. after taking ages to fall asleep and waking as if it was the middle of the day at 5am for nearly 2hours. I've another 4wks after this week (finished 2wks before due date) So, like you, I'd love tips to survive..
Mammyof2Princesses Posts: 3745
I went back in today after 2 weeks hols and Im a walking zombie, up at 630am after being awake half the night, 2hrs eachway commute and didnt get in til 730pm, was due to finish up 22nd may but changed it to next saturday the bank holiday weekend as I know I wouldnt be able to last that much longer. Would you not consider finishing up a bit sooner, you need as much rest as possible now as apparently we wont know what this is in a few weeks time :eek :o0
bam bam Posts: 1756
Oh God I hear you's!! I'm ready to finish up now and I only work every second day!! I am shattered and the pain in my back and pelvis is just getting too much by the end of the day without being able to lie down to rest. Going to talk to doc on Monday I think, I do have loads to hand over though in work but then its more important that us and babs are doing ok!!