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ainm Posts: 2211
Just wondering if anyone has gone to Susan Hunter is the Westbury Mall for underwear? If so, what did you think? I know that they say 80% or so of women are wearing the wrong size bra but i was shocked when she told me i was an E cup. Especially since my D cup fits perfectly. When i tried on the E i could fit my finger between the bra and front of boob. She said it fit perfectly?!? Has anyone else gone to her?
Christmas B Posts: 6191
Oh that doesn't sound right at all if you can easily fit your finger in!! When you bounce up and down do you feel that they're being supported? I bought my bridal underwear in there and it was great!!
ainm Posts: 2211
Hi Christmas b. I feel like i might pop over the top! She said it was a perfect fit though. I think i might try somewhere else too and see what they say. Anyone else gone there?
ainm Posts: 2211
Junebride100 Posts: 35
i was in there a couple of weeks ago and i would usually be a D but she said i was a DD! she did say though that bustiers can be a little bit different than ordinary bra's in terms of sizing although i'm not too sure why. maybe the push up effect?
DJSeptbride Posts: 396
I got my underwear on Saturday from her. She told me I was DD when i thought I was a D but i didn't question her because I felt I was a bigger size anyway. I was surprised at how cheap she was because I was told she was very expensive. I'm happy with what I got and found her very helpful and not at all pushy which is always a good thing.
White Flower Posts: 6
I got stuff in there and found her really good. With a bra I think your back strap is supposed to be level with the front, so that it's not riding up, and at the front make sure you can get yuor fingers under the strap, and there's no extra material in teh cups at the side, and no spillage over the top! The bit between the two boobs should sit on your ribcage and not away from it. HTH!
sinion Posts: 6050
just got my stuff in Peaches and Cream in the Hibernian Way, my god she's amazing! I've been a 38DD for ages but lost weight and went to a 36DD, she put me into a 34E and it fit! I was over the moon. When she said to try a 34 I was so against it, but my god it fit!! She literally just looked at me and told me what size I was :o0 I got a strapless bra too, and for my size that's not easy, but it was like I was wearing a balconette, it was such a feat of engineering! well worth the money :o)ll
ainm Posts: 2211
Thanks for your replies girls Sinion, that sounds great. Did you need and appointment for Peaches and Cream?
sinion Posts: 6050
[quote="Drea":2fulh9aq]Thanks for your replies girls Sinion, that sounds great. Did you need and appointment for Peaches and Cream?[/quote:2fulh9aq] you'll need an appointment if you're going at a busy time, but I just turned up yesterday lunchtime and she sorted me out straight away [url:2fulh9aq][/url:2fulh9aq]