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Lulu08 Posts: 175
Hi Girls, I had my hair trial last night with Susan and can't recommend her enough!!I went to her without a clue what to do with my hair for the wedding and just gave her a very brief description of what I like & disliked. Susan did two styles for me - half up/down with curls and an upstyle - both were fab and I had a really hard time deciding which one to go for (thats a problem I dont mind having!) :o0 Also Susan is a lovely woman, really down to earth and myself and my BM had a great laugh with her while she did my hair, she even picked out a headdress for me from her collection in her studio. So glad I have my hair sorted now and can't wait to get it done on the day. The best advise I can give you is if Susan is free for your wedding day - book her! :wv
oona Posts: 209
thanks for that.Really needed a reccommendation and just came across her name before i saw this post. Do u mind telling me how much it costs?
Lulu08 Posts: 175
Oona just PM'd you
rainyday Posts: 609
Glad to see this post! I've literally just booked Susan for a trial in November! Am a bit worried though cos I've really thick curly hair, so don't know what she'd do with it!
maidmarian Posts: 280
Hi, would you mind pm'ing me the details of susan too please?
edit Posts: 982
oona Posts: 209
lulu08, thanks, would you mind pm ing me again dont seem to have recieved a msg, thanks :thnk
hunky_dorey Posts: 2714
[quote="Indiee":3khlp8ab]She had kept my date for me provisionally then when I went to contact her about sending a deposit she said she was booked. :o([/quote:3khlp8ab] she is very in demand!! i have her booked, had my trial and was very impressed! she is defo the best in the business, well worth the money IMO! plus she's a lovely girl and great craic!
Bulmers Posts: 1281
[quote="Indiee":2ccyqgna]She had kept my date for me provisionally then when I went to contact her about sending a deposit she said she was booked. :o([/quote:2ccyqgna] How long did you wait before sending the depost? I know from talking to her that she said she'll hold the date for a couple of weeks but if she hears nothing she'll assume that the potential client has changed her mind,and she considers it bad form (rightly IMO) to ring as that comes across as touting. I used Susan. She was excellent and a great laugh.
Lulu08 Posts: 175
oona, Maidmarion, I have Pm'd yous. Hope you get it, if not let me know and I'll try it again. I emailed Susan in Aug and rang her inSeptember for a trial - I paid the deposit after my trial, but i'm getting married in April so not a "peak time". You could ring her and ask her how sson you should send a deposit or go for a trial and if your happy (and changes are you will be) give her the deposit then. Dont think anytime is too early for a trial because if your anything like me and havent a clue what you want it helps you get a style in mind. :wv