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admin Posts: 1822
See sample of work below. Susan Peggs - The Powder Room Girls [email protected] 0876206148 [attachment=4:1kx2922t]photo10.jpg[/attachment:1kx2922t] [attachment=5:1kx2922t]photo8.jpg[/attachment:1kx2922t] [attachment=6:1kx2922t]photo4.jpg[/attachment:1kx2922t] [attachment=7:1kx2922t]photo3.jpg[/attachment:1kx2922t] [attachment=8:1kx2922t]photo1.jpg[/attachment:1kx2922t] [attachment=0:1kx2922t]photo18.jpg[/attachment:1kx2922t] [attachment=1:1kx2922t]photo11 (1).jpg[/attachment:1kx2922t] [attachment=2:1kx2922t]photo5.jpg[/attachment:1kx2922t] [attachment=3:1kx2922t]photo3 (1).jpg[/attachment:1kx2922t]
The Wedding Band Shop Posts: 31
Gorgeous hairstyles. Love the one with the plait!
emilyyy111 Posts: 41
wow! awesome and elegant!
[email protected] Posts: 64
The hair styles are beautiful.
Ali4tony Posts: 1
I love all of them :)
GinGin Posts: 16
awesome hair!!! :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat:
Razib Paul Posts: 5
Grate work. :eek