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Finished here Posts: 2860
Girls, Please give us mammies to be some advice about this. I have read and heard conflicting info on swaddling: On the one side that it is a comfort to newborns and helps them sleep better On the other hand that babies can overheat and it can be a factor in cot death :eek I really like the idea of swaddling and the fact that it comforts baby and would like to do this for the first few months but would really like some advice on this: Is it ok to swaddle baby all night long ? Are the cellular blankets the safest to swaddle baby in ? If swaddling what sort of clothes should baby sleep in ? Thanks everyone can't wait to see my little man all wrapped up and comfy - he'll never sleep ill be too busy cuddling him :o0
justwaitin Posts: 2462
we used to swaddle ds, i used a cellular balanket as he was born in january and hed wear babygro and vest underneath and then another sheet and blanket on top, this lo ill probably just use the fleece type sheets or might get swaddling wrap that ive seen in symths or mothercare. hth
Finished here Posts: 2860
Thank Justwaitin, I must check out the swaddling wraps in smyths and mothercare coocai do beautiful ones but they are a little pricey. I think as babs is due in June i may not need as much extra sheets !
neeov Posts: 4256
I'm going with grobags for baby to sleep in. I like the idea of swaddling and might use it if baby is very restless. If baby sleeps fine in his grobag then I won't bother.
hipbaby Posts: 4530
I attempted to swaddle DD1 but she didn't like it one bit! Wanted to be free! My SIL is swaddling my niece at the moment and she uses a cellular blanket and just a vest underneath. Another idea that is proving very sucessful are the baby gowns where they still have the feeling of something around them although obviously not nearly as constricting and again you just put a vest underneath making it easy to change them if necessary during the night! Here are a few to give you an idea! http://www.hipbaby.ie/kimono-style-slee ... p-455.html www.hipbaby.ie (20% HipBaby Discount code for you all to use anytime you choose!! Just type HipRec in the promotional box at the checkout to avail of your discount! :wv
Finished here Posts: 2860
Ahh they are so cute Hipbaby, must have a proper look when i get a few more mins ! Thanks
Delish Posts: 4176
dS1 BORN IN mAY LAST YEAR, and I never swaddled him at night, was too afraid too. I had vest, babygrow, sheet and maybe two celular blankets over him at night. I might swaddle during the day to comfort him, but only did it when I was awake and could keep an eye on him. HTH - the district nurses will give you advice on what is best.
RJR Posts: 962
DD was born in June and she slept in a sleepsuit and swaddled in a cellular blanket. It was quite warm in the room so I didn't put anything else on her, and she slept in a moffi hanging cot which is kind of like swaddling anyway in that it hugs them like a hammock and feels like the womb... [img:10lju0ms]http://www.anklebitersdirect.co.uk/cache/moffi-miyo-wooden-frame-5001098-0.jpg[/img:10lju0ms]
lastminutebride Posts: 785
RJR, can I ask where you got the hanging cot? I really want one of these - this baby already goes straight to sleep with any kind of bouncing motion, so I figure if it keeps doing the same when it's born, this would be perfect! I was going to go for the Nature's Nest, but this one's so much prettier...
oddwire Posts: 842
Hipbaby does one of those as well - [url:3haex3dj]http://www.hipbaby.ie/amby-natures-nest-baby-cradle-p-376.html[/url:3haex3dj] I was looking at them on her website last night and interested in any feedback anyone has??