Swaddling Wrap - Cocooi babywrap

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ellee Posts: 666
Hi girls, I came across this online and thought it looked great as is natural fabric and can be used in babyseat etc. It's made from merino wool though and my mum thinks it would be too warm for a June baby - any thoughts? http://www.merinokids.co.uk/shop/Babywr ... eanie.html also available a bit cheaper here:- http://www.babysleepbags.co.uk/merino-k ... -blue.html Also, not making it into town much these days but do mothercare or other shop do anything similar? many thanks! :wv
Finished here Posts: 2860
Ellee, Its adorable it does say "Creates its own microclimate around the body, regulating baby’s temperature." so maybe this means it would be ok for June babies but you could try emailing them for more info. Do you think this eliminates the need to do the wrapping yourself as you would have to do with cellular or other blankets ?? I wasn't clear when i read the instructions - if it doesn't i am not sure i would pay that much as they are a little pricey !
Finished here Posts: 2860
ooops sorry just looked at the second link and it does look like the swaddling would be a lot easier !
ellee Posts: 666
Oh I think so! And yeah it is a little pricey, v cute tho! >:o) Did you see the video demonstration?
bride0807 Posts: 203
hey ellee havent seen anything in MC like that but i just wanted to say how adorable the teeny tiny babies on that website are!!!!! i think if the temp adjusts then maybe they suit all year round weather? who knows if june will even be that warm!
BrideStuff.com Posts: 229
These were highly recommeded by our midwife for all year round.They're expensive in the shops here but I got one recently on a website at half the price with free d elivery to Ireland.It was babysleepbags.co.uk.Had to spend over a certain amount to avail of the free delivery though..oh and it may have been just for March..sorry, nevermind!!! Anyway, get it and get a merino wool grobag or go go bag as they call it.Says it does from newborn to 2 years old (although I don't know how thuis is possible) but they're gorgeous!
hipbaby Posts: 4530
They are lovely. I saw them at a trade fair and I have been trying to stock them on my website, hopefully i will get them soon!! www.hipbaby.ie
ellee Posts: 666
They are really nice looking, I emailed the site as FF suggested and they assure me they are fine for Summer adn intended to be used instead of blankets. Think I will take the plunge! >:o) yay!
silíní Posts: 4219
Wow they look fantastic for newborns!!! Def will get one for next babs.........
ellee Posts: 666
That www.babysleepingbags.com site have been great. Ordered the merino wrap, two go go bags in winter and standard weight and 2 cocooi muslin wraps and they gave me 30% off yay! :o)ll :o)ll and free delivery yay! yay! >:o) Definitely recommend emailing them with ANY queries *) tks FF :o0