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mrsberries Posts: 462
Hi there Just two days over and Ive already refused a sweep at my last appointment. Reason for this is im a complete coward when it comes to these things. My dd was born two days after a very long induction and labour that ended with an emergency section. Of the whole experience I found the internals and administering of gel to be the most traumatising and painful. Just wondering how painful these are and do they generally work. I would really like the chance of a vbac as Ive a toddler at home and I guess it could help avoid the chance of being induced again :) Any advice welcome.
katiebaby78 Posts: 679
I won't lie, they're sore and don't work for everybody but I'm gonna request one this time if its not offered. Even though doc couldn't do one properly I felt whatever she did kicked me off. Within 24 I was up and running. Everything was slow but at least I started myself. It won't do any harm so I'll def be getting one this time. However if you felt it was that traumatising then dont bother. If this is your 2nd you'll prob get going yourself and it might save you the trauma.
Char27 Posts: 376
It didn't work for me but I didn't find it too uncomfortable, just some cramping afterwards. I hope your not left too much longer
wowza Posts: 556
It might not work, but if it doesn't it won't do any harm, so I'd go for it
star sun 1 Posts: 1456
Hiya, I had two sweeps and didn't find them painful at all, they didn't work though and I had to be induced. If it helps I found the internals 100 times more painful then the sweeps. I was dreading the sweep also but really wasn't painful, just a little uncomfortable. Best of luck.
NewMama2012 Posts: 19
I found the sweep grand and most of my internal exams were fine, not even particularly uncomfortable and my cervix was unfavouable, but one particular doc did an internal during induction and it was sooo painful, i ended up going into the loo after she was gone and crying :weep I think based on my experience i would definatley opt for the sweep again and hope it would start things off. But i think it all depends on the doctor as to how sore it is or isn't.
Dot Cotton Posts: 1298
i had a sweep with DD & found it ok, not the nicest thing ever but not painful either. Didn't work with me & i was induced for a finish. Didn't find the internals too bad either, think i was just lucky :wv
sshh Posts: 416
worked for me...the "cramping" after turned out to be contractions and baby was born less than 9 hours later. I was one cm dilated though so was on the way anyway I think. I was cringing beforehand as I was so shy and dreading the pain, but it was not that bad.
Mrs W Posts: 2923
Would you not just have a sweep abd hopefully bring it on and reduce your chances of another induction? A few minutes of being uncomfortable during a sweep is better than the torture of induction IMO!
mrsberries Posts: 462
Thanks everyone for your replies. Ill be brave and go for it tomorrow :-8 :) There are other issues at play that I wont go into which contribute to my fear of it and the reason I find internals so painful but Ill do anything to avoid being induced again!!! Thanks ladies :thnk