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lucyloo32 Posts: 957
Im 37 wks and in the last 24 hours major swelling in feet and calves, my ankles have gone entirely and ive great pain putting any weight on feet, my calves are huge. slept with them raised, had feet in cold water and got DH to massage feet, no relief at all. cant get any type of shoe or sock on, even the flip flops cut into the swelling should i ring my midwife... or is this normal? i guess im concerned as it came on so fast
funnywoman Posts: 56
I would just ring your midwife just in case you have a bit of water retention , just to put your own mind at ease too and to rule out pre eclampisa ,get plenty of rest.
PaniniRoses Posts: 3628
The fact that it has come on so quickly would make me give the hospital/gp a call for peace of mind. It's probably perfectly normal, but better safe than sorry!
Mommy2Two Posts: 704
I'd defo ring when it came on so quick. How is your face? Swelling in the face is typical of pre eclampsia (I had it on my first, as well as HELLP syndrome). May be nothing but just as well to get checked out
lucyloo32 Posts: 957
high bp seemed to be the prob, so just to rest up now- thankfully no traces of protein
PaniniRoses Posts: 3628
That's good, mind yourself!