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maylife Posts: 23
hi i was just wondering if anyone knows where to get a good swiming suit that will expand with me, im 8 weeks gone and already the clothes are tighter >:o( im thinking of taking up swimming to combat the bulge and also to help when labour comes around. also do you think it would be ok to to aqua exercises, as there are no aqua natal classes in my area. (antrim) any help would be great cheers
doolittle Posts: 910
Hi I was exactly the same, I waited till I was 12 weeks, then went swimming, think that I over did it as I was swimming for 30 mins I did take rests but the night after I had the slightest spotting likr I d nearly need a microsope but there was definate discoloured discharge. Dr heard the heartbeat the next day so all is well. Just if you are going take it easy and maybe build it up. Think I ll leave it for a few weeks before I chance it again. On saying that its supposed to be great for toning!
chicam Posts: 1169
Mothercare sell quite good swimsuits, as do Next. However, I found that I just bought a cheapy suit that was a bigger size in the early days and got a maternity one around 22 weeks that was great up until recently when I lost the energy to do anything!
maylife Posts: 23
thanks for letting me know girls i think ill wait like you did doolittle till 12 weeks has past, had a bit of a scare myself last week, but all grand. must pop into next and mothercare this week for a nosey. cheers